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WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT WEDNESDAY EDITION €1.00 Newspaper post PAGE 9 • Editorial WEDNESDAY • 22 MARCH 2017 • ISSUE 514 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY Archbishop reassures Church schools 'will always remain Catholic' PAUL COCKS CHURCH schools in Malta will always remain Catholic, with the crucifix on classroom walls, even if they autonomously choose to start offering lessons in Islam and other religions, Malta's archbishop insisted yesterday. Archbishop Charles Scicluna was answering questions put to him by MaltaToday, at the end of an event commemorating for- mer Archbishop Joseph Mercieca on the first anniversary since his death. Scicluna said that Church schools should respect the religious free- dom of all parents, irrespective of the religion, but was quick to point out that the schools would not lose sight of their mission and ethos. "I want to offer a guarantee and reassure all Catholic parents that church schools would not be im- poverished if they respect others, but would actually be more au- thentic," he said. This comes after Scicluna's an- nouncement that Church schools are willing to include Islam in their curriculum divided public opinion. Church schools would not lose their ethos or character, the arch- bishop reassured. "Whoever visits a Church school will still find a crucifix on the classroom walls, will still be ex- posed to Catholic devotions and will get a good impression of Ca- tholicism," Scicluna said. Archbishop Charles Scicluna said 'we are not afraid of religious inclusion' Broadcasting Authority employees protest outside parliament YANNICK PACE BROADCASTING Author- ity employees, flanked by Union Haddiema Maghqudin (UHM), held a silent protest outside par- liament calling for the resigna- tion of the authority's chairper- son, Tanya Borg Cardona. Members of parliament enter- ing the building received a letter addressed to the Prime Minister, in which the UHM – on behalf of the workers – urges the Prime Minister to dismiss Borg Car- dona. As he made his way into Parlia- ment, opposition leader Simon Busuttil expressed his solidarity with the workers and described the current situation at the au- thority as a "crisis." Bringing up the matter later in Parliament, the PN leader asked Prime Minister Joseph Muscat what action will be taken to re- solve the current impasse which has seen the employees of the Constitutional authority go on strike. In reply, Muscat insisted that the BA was a constitutional body and enjoyed total autonomy. In recent weeks, the embattled Borg Cardona –who was ap- pointed by the Prime Minister in 2016 - has come under pressure from the authority's employees who started unprecedented in- dustrial action following claims of abuse and bullying by Borg Cardona. But Muscat reiterated that the authority did not take orders from the government and any decisions were subject to its board of directors, composed of Borg Cardona, two Labour Party representatives and two mem- bers appointed by the PN. Muscat also called on Borg Cardona and the employees to show goodwill and reach an agreement. But yesterday, union chief Josef Bonello said that the situation was deteriorating. PAGE 2 Jail terms in accidental traffic fatalities removed THE five-year minimum prison terms for accidental traffic fatalities involving more than a single victim has been removed. The House Committee for the Recon- sideration of Bills yesterday approved an amendment to the Traffic Regulation Ordi- nance (Amendment) Bill following a public uproar over a prison sentence handed to a 34-year-old teacher. Dorianne Camilleri, is facing a five-year prison sentence over the involuntary killing of Alfred Zahra in a 2011 traffic accident and for grievously injuring his elderly sister. Camilleri has appealed the decision. The decision sparked public uproar, with many insisting that the accident was in no way Camilleri's fault. With its hands tied, the court could only hand down a custodial sentence as a penalty. In the wake of the controversy justice minister Owen Bonnici moved an amend- ment to the Criminal Code, which would leave the sentence at the discretion of the magistrate. Presenting the amendment, Bonnici said magistrates deciding such cases would be given elbow room to impose lower sentences and not a mandatory five- year term. Recently, over 27,000 signatures were col- lected in a petition was presented to speak- er Anglu Farrugia calling for a change to the draconian law. PAGE 4 BA employees gathered outside Parliament to reiterate their demand for the resignation of chairperson Tanya Borg Cardona

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