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2 MIRIAM DALLI A pornography essay, which almost cost author Anthony Burgess his home in Malta, is set to be published for the first time as a book. The news has made the rounds on international media as the essay in question had caused fu- rore amongst the Maltese clergy and the authorities in an island where censorship laws were highly restrictive. It was at the same time when films were censored, photo- graphs of women in bikini torn to pieces and books confiscated. Burgess, author of 'A Clock- work Orange', had delivered a controversial lecture at the in- vitation of the Malta Library Association. According to re- ports, the lecture proved to be extremely popular, attracting a 1,000-strong audience, domi- nated by the Catholic clergy. News reports from 1974 showed "a highly indignant" Burgess telling the press in Rome that the house he had bought in 1968 in Malta had been confiscated by the Maltese government. "The Maltese claim I've aban- doned the property and have ordered me to surrender posses- sion and the keys. This is a total- ly vindictive act — a naked con- frontation between the state and the individual. I see this as an example of the anti British atti- tude now prevailing in Malta. It shows the influence of the Arabs and the Chinese on the present regime," Burgess had said. The book, along with previ- ously unseen photos, is being published to mark the centenary of the writer's birth. A founda- tion – The International An- thony Burgess Foundation – has also been set up. The foundation's director, a professor of English at Man- chester Metropolitan Univer- sity, also said Burgess had been provoked by the Maltese au- thorities when he first moved to Malta in 1968. "He was trying to move in with his library when quite a large chunk of it was seized by the Maltese post office," Andrew Biswell said. Biswell recounted that when Burgess tried to recoup his books, the Maltese post office told him that they had to first read the books. Among the books taken were everything by DH Lawrence and any featuring homosexual- ity, Biswell said. "He struck up a correspond- ence with the post office asking for the books to be returned, and they said they would let him know as soon as they had read them." The lecture which landed him in hot waters with the authori- ties was delivered to a 1,000 strong audience, dominated by the Catholic clergy. He cited a range of texts, from the Song of Songs in the Old Testament to Shakespeare's Ti- tus Andronicus – which he de- scribed as a "story of rape, mur- der and cannibalism" – to argue against banning books, quoting John Milton's 1644 anti-censor- ship pamphlet, Areopagitica, that to destroy a good book is to kill reason. Infuriated by the author's au- dacity, the Maltese government moved to seize his home as the Burgess family was on holiday in Italy. It was only returned to him when the news made it to the Guardian's front page. maltatoday, WEDNESDAY, 21 JUNE 2017 News Reporter MediaToday Co. Ltd is seeking journalists with a knowledge and appreciation of current affairs, national politics and social issues. Candidates must be able to communicate and write in excellent English and Maltese. The role involves investigating, reporting from press conferences, interviewing people in authority, providing rapid copy in translation from English to Maltese of press releases and statements, developing contacts, staying abreast of important stories, and generating stories of human interest. Candidates who display an ability to harness the opportunities of online reporting - use of social media, using mobile phone photography, producing first-draft copy for online consumption - will be given preference. Good TV presence is a plus. Requirements: • Excellent command of the English language written and spoken • Willingness to learn on skills, some HTML coding; and emulate best practices in online reporting • Good writing skills • Keen interest in legal and business affairs, and social issues • Passion, drive and initiative • Ready to go beyond the call of duty and deliver top-quality copy against time contraints. Only selected applicants will be summoned for an interview. Closing date: 30/06/0217 Please send your applications to: The Managing Editor MediaToday, Vjal ir-Rihan, San Gwann SGN9016 Or email: VACANCY Pornography essay that almost cost author his Malta house set to be published as a book 'A Clockwork Orange' author Anthony Burgess had relocated to Malta in the late '60s

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