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WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT WEDNESDAY EDITION €1.00 Newspaper post WEDNESDAY • 20 MARCH 2019 • ISSUE 630 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY 7 EDITORIAL • PAGE 9 EU Council adopts contingency measures for no-deal scenario Three cases of measles being investigated DAVID HUDSON THE Superintendence of Public Health said that it is currently investi- gating three confirmed cases of mea- sles. In a statement released by the Public Health authority, it said that the cases are separate and unrelated. "In 2018, there were five imported cases and one case of local transmis- sion. Since there was no sustained transmission, Malta has till now maintained the status of elimination of measles," the statement read. The Public Health Authority's stra- tegic action for measles includes vac- cination, early identification of cases, isolation, management of cases, and contact tracing. The Superintendence of Public Health said that cases of measles usu- ally occur among unvaccinated popu- lations and that large fatalities are currently being reported in European countries that had previously elimi- nating the endemic. "In January 2019, Romania, Italy, Poland and France had the highest case counts were 261, 165, 133, and 124 cases respectively and notable in- creases were reported in Italy, Poland, France and Austria," the Superintend- ence said. It added that measles can eas- ily spreading with minimal contact through the air via infectious drop- lets when a person coughs or sneezes, The measles vaccine, more commonly known as the MMR, and included in the National Immunisation Schedule can prevent it. Health authorities said the MMR vaccination, included in the National Immunisation Schedule, prevents the disease Brexit The strange case of the zeppoli of St Joseph 5 KURT SANSONE SCANNED ballot papers pro- duced by the new electronic vote counting system must not leave the counting hall, the Na- tionalist Party is insisting. In proposed changes to the draft law put forward by the government, the PN is calling for political parties not to have access to the scans for three months as was being suggested by the government. The proposal forms part of a raft of amendments to the legal changes the government has put forward to make electronic counting at election time a re- ality. PN secretary general Clyde Puli said yesterday the party was also proposing the intro- duction of a manual check for irregular marks on ballots be- fore they are scanned electron- ically. The PN proposals aim to ad- dress concerns f lagged after various test runs on the elec- tronic system f lagged f laws. Puli said that a test run car- ried out last month, showed that at least 5% of dubious votes fed into the machines were not captured. Electronic vote counting system PN proposes manual check of ballots to overcome count flaws PAGE 3 The PN wants ballots to be manually checked for irregular marks

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