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9 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 9 JUNE 2019 LITERATURE ENVIRONMENT Most birds cannot swim, so for many migrating birds crossing the sea from Africa on their way north, any solid mass along the way is a welcome pit stop. This is why, ly- ing along one of these migration highways, the Maltese Islands attract plenty of tired birds, and so, large or small they drop in for a rest. And among the large, few are taller than the great white egret (M. russett abjad). Everything about the great white egret – bill, neck, body, legs – is elongated (Modigliani would have loved to do a portrait of this client!). The great white egret is not a common sight in Malta, although it has been occurring more regularly in recent years. Every year one or two of these lake-loving longshanks float down to one of BirdLife's wetland re- serves – such as Għadira, Is-Simar or Salina – to rest and to snack on a killifish or two. Text and Photo: Victor Falzon 664. GREAT WHITE EGRET Visit Friends of the Earth's website for more information about our work, as well as for information about how to join us. You can also support us by sending us a donation - GREEN IDEA OF THE WEEK 563: Book your seat at: TO celebrate World Envi- ronment Day (June 5), HSBC Malta and UNESCO Maltese National Commission are re- leasing engaging new content to highlight the important roles Malta's valleys play in the country's ecology. Entitled Mixja F'Wied Il- Għasel (A walk in the Valley of Honey) and authored and designed by Jason Aloisio, the booklet documents the rich array of flora and fauna in the valley which is located in Mo- sta. The publication was fund- ed through the HSBC Water Programme – Catch the Drop campaign. World Environment Day is marked worldwide each year on 5th June. This year's theme is 'Air Pollution'. At a group level, HSBC has encouraged its suppliers to recycle waste into energy. Mixja f'Wied il-Għasel is the second publication in the collaboration between HSBC Malta and the UNESCO Mal- tese National Commission and also a second one by Jason Aloisio. Aloisio is also a field teacher within BirdLife Malta. His previous publication was entitled Mixja f'Wied il-Lun- zjata. "It is hoped that these publi- cations encourage teachers to engage their students in more outdoor activities which will help them to appreciate our natural heritage and all forms of wildlife," said HSBC Malta CEO Andrew Beane. Sarah Brady, Education Manager at BirdLife Malta, said: "Spending time in na- ture is invaluable for our health and well-being and for encouraging us to be more environmentally friendly. This publication provides the opportunity to learn about the amazing wildlife we have living on our doorstep and to inspire teachers and chil- dren to enjoy being outdoors and learning with a different perspective. We would like to thank Jason Aloisio and HS- BC for their work in making this happen." More information on the publication can be had by call- ing 2155 3503 or 2134 7645. HSBC, UNESCO launch book on Mosta's Wied il-Ghasel Author: Salv Sammut ORPHANS and minors under the guidance of a reli- gious paedophile. It was the kind of environment which was meant to oversee that no bullying or sexual abuse was carried out, with the reassurance that someone was present and had the authority that such things did not occur. Their lives were so emotionally and psychologically warped that it was far from what a person could for- mulate as a character by basing it on morality. Howev- er, this abuse and lack of innocence completely ruined their childhood. It is a telling of unmerciful crime, with barbaric rituals and clandestine sect. However, above all, it is a tale of genuine love, yet overpowered by injustice, and completely ignores manhood. The right of doing trumps all elements of friendship. 'Ix-Xirka tal-Beati Paoli' Author Jason Aloisio explaining the features of the valley to students of Maria Regina College

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