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14 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 9 JUNE 2019 COMMERCIAL IF there's one universal lan- guage that unites people, espe- cially within an office environ- ment, it's definitely food! As more modern companies are engaging with contemporary and newer work practices, the encouragement for employees to spend their breaks together eating and communicating over a shared meal has become a very important tool for busi- nesses. It's very well-known that the process of a sharing a meal, especially amongst colleagues and team members, can provide employees with a lot of posi- tive qualities, allowing them to overcome all sorts of office boundaries which may separate them. In the process of break- ing bread together, employees often feel a surge of revitalised productivity, well-being, com- munication and happiness. The freedom of employees bonding, discussing and eating in a re- laxed environment over a great meal helps build relationships within teams and divisions of the company, this allows em- ployees to bond and build mu- tual respect amongst each oth- er as communication through colleagues flows much easier. Developing this feeling of ca- maraderie amongst colleagues is an exercise no business man- ager should take lightly. Whilst it may be easier to plan short term and solely focus on one's daily tasks, the benefit of ob- taining a truly effective team, willing to go the extra mile, loyal and supportive of each other's goals could spell a huge difference in the long term championing of the business. Choosing the right meal to share with colleagues can be just as important as the ben- efits the lunch will provide. While there are many dishes and meals to look through and choose from, not many can compete with a freshly made and perfectly served delicious and delivered pizza. Apart from being one of the most loved Italian foods in the world, pizza offers a number of incredibly helpful benefits for the workforce. Generally depending on your choice of topping, a pizza can be packed with nutrients, car- bohydrates, proteins and often a lot of vegetables, all of which are indiscernible components to a balanced diet. The variety of options when ordering a pizza allows any em- ployee the freedom to choose specifically which ingredients to add to their dish, comple- menting their food preferences and diet. And where else could you or- der a tastier pizza than from Domino's Malta? The Ameri- can franchise was built on a rich history, operating and serving the proud workforce of many countries all over the world. With a menu offering custom- ers an incredible choice of de- licious pizzas with the freshest ingredients delivered swiftly to your doorstep, Domino's Malta are ready to provide you with a great meal benefited with fan- tastic deals and offers. For more information, or to order yourself a delicious pizza, call us on (+356) 2144 2144 or visit us on mt. Domino's Malta is a Retail and Hospitality Business Unit within Famalco | Building Busi- nesses. Make it your office pizza day THE day of 7th June has now been selected by the World LPG Association (WLPGA) as the #LPGday - a global online so- cial media event to promote the benefits of LPG worldwide. As from this year, being #LPGday's first edition, Liquigas Malta will be joining several countries and companies in marking this glob- al awareness day, annually. Liquigas Malta is celebrat- ing this day by promoting and encouraging car conversions from petrol to LPG through an offer of €200 worth of LPG fuel vouchers for all cars installing a certified LPG conversion kit by 31st October 2019. This is be- yond the Government incentive scheme of €200 for each conver- sion. Both Liquigas and Govern- ment incentives will reduce drastically the payback period of the LPG conversion invest- ment by owners and at the same time contribute to lower traffic emissions. The LPG vouchers will be granted to car owners and can be used at all authorised AutoLiquigas stations, namely at MIA Station in Gudja, J. Mi- callef Station in Rabat, Wembley Station in Swieqi, VC Station in Għargħur and Santa Maria Sta- tion in Mellieħa. Liquigas Chief Executive Dr Roberto Capelluto said: "As an active member of WLPGA, Liq- uigas Malta wants to do its part to help spread the word about the benefits of LPG here in Malta. In the case of AutoLiqui- gas, this is half the cost of petrol and a safer fuel alternative with less emissions than traditional fuels. These benefits are on top of the fact that consumers can get their investment back in less than one year. Then, they can continue to use their cars on the cheaper LPG during the lifetime of that vehicle." One can start the conversion process by contacting one of the AutoLiquigas approved in- stallers namely Acheck Ltd of Mosta, Muscat Motors Ltd of Gżira or Michael Debono Ltd of Żebbuġ, and agree on a date for the conversion. Once the car is converted to LPG, the owner gets in contact with Liquigas on tel 2248 6000 and an appoint- ment is set for the conversion verification and vouchers col- lection. For this verification, the owner needs to present the con- verted car with the log book and the conversion certificate issued by the installer. Liquigas Malta joins #LPGday Running on LPG – significantly cheaper than other fuels CISK Lager, award-winning, iconic Maltese beer and flag- ship brand of the Farsons Brewery is celebrating its 90th birthday this year with a num- ber of planned public events around Malta and Gozo and limited-edition packaging marking this milestone. Cisk was launched in 1929 after Scicluna's Bank took over the operations of one of its clients who was granted a temporary exclusive licence to manufacture Pilsner and Munchener type beers. The company became known as The Malta Export Brewery. The story of Cisk however, started much earlier than that, when Malta's first privately- owned bank was established by Giuseppe Scicluna in 1840. In those days the average businessman, as well as the ordinary man in the street, hoarded their hard-earned cash either in a brass-bound box under the bed or concealed in various leather pouches hid- den in their clothes. At most, it would be handed over to the bank to be placed in a vault and to be withdrawn as the need arose. Mistrusting bank notes and demanding bags of coins, the bank's customers started to realise that they too could pay creditors with notes, and they agreed to operate current accounts with Scicluna's Bank against which they could draw cheques. Very soon, semi-literate de- positors coming in from vari- ous country districts, who found difficulty in pronounc- ing the word 'cheques', cor- rupted the word into 'cisk'. Gi- useppe Scicluna himself soon became known as Ic-Cisk (The Cisk). The Malta Export Brewery merged with Simonds Farsons Limited twenty years later to become Simonds Farsons Cisk. Cisk Lager has since become a key brand in the portfolio of the company. Louis A. Farrugia, Farsons Group Chairman, commented, "We are extremely proud to be celebrating this historic mile- stone. Cisk is a much-loved Maltese brand and has always been throughout these years. Cisk Lager is also very well- liked by visitors to our islands and it also has a following be- yond our shores." Cisk Lager is a golden-col- oured, bottom-fermented la- ger with a distinctive and well- balanced character, with its recipe remaining unchanged since 1929. It is brewed to the highest standards using only the choicest raw materials. "Reaching a milestone such as this is no small feat. The brand has successfully with- stood intense competition over the years, winning several international awards in the process. We have not rested on our laurels however, hav- ing introduced several innova- tive and award-winning brand variants that have expanded the Cisk family," said Ms Susan Weenink Camilleri, Head of Sales & Marketing at Simonds Farsons Cisk plc. The Cisk family now includes Cisk Excel Lager, a low car- bohydrate beer; Cisk Pilsner; Cisk Export Premium Lager; Cisk Strong Premium Lager and Cisk Chill, a range of fla- voured beers, including Lem- on, Berry and Ginger & Lime. The portfolio has won sever- al major international awards over the years, with the lat- est coveted recognition being awarded to Cisk Strong Pre- mium Lager just last month by this year's edition of the Inter- national Brewing Awards. The 90th birthday limited- edition packaging is currently on sale at all outlets in Malta and Gozo. Follow our Face- book page for more informa- tion: https://www.facebook. com/cisk/. Cisk Lager turns 90 Weenink Camilleri, Head of over the years, with the lat-

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