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maltatoday | SUNDAY • 9 JUNE 2019 17 COMMERCIAL 15 WINE connoisseurs will tell you that every good wine comes with a unique story. "The story we're celebrating is the story of a hundred years," smiles Jeremy Cassar, CEO of Marsovin, Malta's acclaimed winery. Back in 1919, Jeremy's great- grandfather – a then 16-year- old Anthony Cassar – was a post-World War I street ven- dor struggling to find things to sell. Through shrewd en- trepreneurial spirit, Cassar had the idea of bringing wine to the streets of Malta on his donkey-driven cart. Skip ahead a century and Marsovin remains a family-run business that, over time, has learnt to master quality through lo- cally-cultivated grapes, pro- ducing top-notch wines that recognise and evoke Maltese vitality. As a fourth-generation win- emaker and having spent time in France in his 20s, the cul- ture of wine is second nature to Jeremy, and this has never been more palpable than with Marsovin's 100th Anniversary Wine. The celebratory vintage displays complexity and nu- ances of flavour wrapped up in the evolution of Maltese wine-making tradition. "We selected the wines we thought were the best of 2017 to see what blend we could make, and to come out with the right style, the right char- acter. We also wanted a wine that would stand the test of time, because we believe that our 100-year story is impres- sive and that has to carry through." After countless tests and trials, the result is a cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Syrah and Ġellewża Imqadded. The 100th Anniversary Wine has forgone a paper label in favour of a gold-finished de- sign embossed directly on glass bottles. Marsovin's glass artisan executed the label's elegant detail to perfection and with custom-made tools, all facilitated by using large- format bottles. The wine is available in limited edition 75cl bottles, Magnums, Dou- ble Magnums, Jeroboams and Melchiors. These large-for- mat bottles and quality of the wine mean that the wine may be stored in cellars for many years to come. On the back of their cente- nary vintage, Jeremy is deter- mined to continue Marsovin's dedication to the evolving culture of Maltese wine. "The ingredients are investments in technology and expertise. Coupled with passion, possi- bly the most important thing is vision, to see where you can be decades down the line." "As times change, you have to change as well, and I have the responsibility to come up with new ideas for new wines." In so doing, Jeremy has already led Marsovin to trailblazing a path to top- quality boutique-style wines, as well as Malta's first, award- winning organic wine. "I'm very ambitious as to where Marsovin can go and what we can achieve as a wine producer that has a leading role in winemaking in Malta. It's this passion that has been passed down through my fa- ther, my family, my grandfa- ther and my great-grandfa- ther. "And, as time goes by, the story keeps getting better." Marsovin's 100th Anniver- sary Wine is available for sale now. This can be purchased directly from the Marsovin Cellars or from all leading re- tail outlets. Celebrating a century of Marsovin wine THE Timberland Group (the "Group") is running into its sixth year since it established its footing in the Mediterranean region. It all started in 2013 when Timberland Invest Ltd was incorporated in Malta. In 2014, Tim- berland Invest Ltd successfully man- aged to obtain a Category 1A licence from the Malta Financial Services Authority (the "MFSA") under the In- vestment Services Act, 1994 (Chapter 370 of the Laws of Malta). Timberland Invest Ltd later became the author- ised distributor of two bonds issued by Timberland Securities Investment plc, which is an unregulated company, also incorporated in Malta. Timberland Securities Investment plc ("TSI PLC") is the issuer of the bonds in terms of a Prospectus dated 23 November 2018, approved by the Liechtenstein Financial Market Au- thority and passported into Malta. The Directors of the Group have been raising capital for the past three years through the issue of a series of TSI PLC bonds and are happy to announce another achievement in the second quarter of this year. On 23April 2019, two of the bonds is- sued by TSI PLC (see below for the list of bonds) were successfully admit- ted to trading on the Third Market, a multilateral trading facility ("MTF") operated by Vienna Stock Exchange (an exchange-regulated market). Fol- lowing this achievement, on 4th June 2019 these bonds were also admitted to trading on another exchange-regu- lated market, the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange's Open Market and the Vienna Stock Exchange's Third Market are ex- change-regulated markets which do not take the form of Regulated Mar- kets and are therefore not subject to the same prospectus and transpar- ency regimes. The two bonds listed on the above- mentioned two exchange-regulated markets are the following: (i) 3.75% TSI PLC Bond 2018-2023 with ISIN Number MT0002041201; and (ii) 4.6% TSI PLC Bond 2018-2028 with ISIN Number MT0002041219. Besides being listed on the Open Market of the Frankfurt Stock Ex- change and the MTF of the Vienna Stock Exchange, the TSI PLC Bonds are also registered with the Central Securities Depository of the Malta Stock Exchange. Prospective investors should note that the bonds are available for invest- ment from the offices of Timberland Invest Ltd (the authorised distributor of the bonds) with business office at Aragon House Business Centre, Drag- onara Road, St Julian's STJ 3140. A copy of the prospectus is available free of charge, during normal busi- ness hours, from the business office of Timberland Invest Ltd or through: Https:// Timberland Group achieves another milestone

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