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12 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 4 OCTOBER 2020 NEWS PAUL COCKS THE battle for local video game con- sole supremacy is heating up as Mal- tese gamers eagerly await the release of the new PlayStation and Xbox. The Microsoft Xbox Series X and its smaller sister Series S will be launched on the international market on 10 November. Close on their heel, Sony's PlayStation 5 and its digital-only version are set to be launched on 19 November. And Maltese players are queueing up to pre-order the console of their choice. Still, many out- lets are finding it difficult to secure stock, as both companies' international production has fallen far behind schedule due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And so far, only Sony has been ac- cepting pre-orders. Matthew Caruana, of the ICC gaming shop in Iklin, told Malta- Today that he was still awaiting di- rection from Microsoft as to when start taking pre-orders for the new Xbox consoles. Klikk Computer Store also hasn't been taking any pre-orders for the new Xbox yet. On the contrary, pre-orders of the PlayStation 5 have been roll- ing in. "Last week, just two days after the pre-orders for the Play- Station started, the new PS5 was already sold out. Both the digital version as well as the disk ver- sion," a sales representative at Forestals said. Caruana at ICC had also been accepting PS5 pre-orders. "I've had over 500 bookings for the PlayStation but I had to stop be- cause unfortunately, like Micro- soft, Sony also suffered from a shortage of consoles in compar- ison to the number of pre-or- ders." Game on: Maltese gamers counting down days to launch of new PlayStation and Xbox Hundreds of PS5 pre-orders ahead of November release JAMES DEBONO LEGAL amendments will ensure that recommendations issued by the En- vironment and Resources Authority on projects requiring an impact as- sessment will be given due weight by the Planning Authority board. The ERA already issues a report on projects which require an EIA, which usually includes a recommendation on whether a project should be ap- proved or not, together with condi- tions to mitigate environmental im- pacts in case a project is approved. But if legal amendments proposed by the environment minister are ap- proved, the ERA will start taking its Short of veto, PA obliged to take ERA into 'consideration'

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