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SAVIOUR BALZAN NATIONALIST Party lead- er Bernard Grech is planning a reshuffle inside his parliamen- tary group that will put forth new faces, and even dislodge old-timers that have long occu- pied frontbench roles. But the Opposition leader is said to be facing statutory hur- dles that make it difficult for him to change posts inside the party. Grech is said to favour a num- ber of unelected spokespersons to shadow certain portfoli- os, given the dearth of choice from his present parliamentary group. And while he has had to em- brace the deputy leaders elect- ed after Adrian Delia's election – Robert Arrigo and David Agi- us – he is hoping for an open- ing that will allow new people to take on their roles. A party source said Grech was increasingly conscious about giving the PN a fresh new look, and that so far a decision to an- nounce a list of candidates for the next election was put on hold because of a lack of new names for the PN list. TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/COVID19 You can trust us to deliver WE'RE AS TRUSTWORTHY AS THE NORTH STAR... GIVE US A CALL ON +356 22 058 058 With over 170 years of integrity, insight, expertise and experience we make sure that our clients are always in good hands for any shipping and insurance requirement. t c s m i t h . c o m SHIPPING | INSURANCE | FREIGHT FORWARDING PORT AGENCY | COURIER SUNDAY • 15 NOVEMBER 2020 • ISSUE 1098 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY PAGE 5 maltatoday Bolt workers earn a lot but have little safeguards PAGE 4 COVID CHILDBIRTH Women told to wear facemasks during childbirth protest decision PAGE 2 Gig slaves? NATIONALIST PARTY As in US, in Malta? €1.95 Grech wants to replace old guard with new faces JAMES DEBONO A study undertaken by the Health Promotion and Dis- ease Prevention Directorate has revealed that 64% of baby foods available on supermar- ket stores are unsuitable for children, mainly because these have too much sugar or salt. The pilot study undertaken in 2018 was carried out in two supermarkets and one large pharmacy that consented to the photographing of over 243 food labels of foods marketed for infants and young chil- dren under 36 months in Malta. HEALTH STUDY PAGE 3 INTERVIEW MT2 Shocking: 64% of baby foods have too much sugar and salt How red and blue at home can be just like in the United States PGS 14-15 THE Commissioner for Public Standards has told MaltaToday he will not let his office be used for political stunts, after turn- ing down a request by MP Jason Azzopardi (pictured) to investi- gate his 2017 stay at the Tel Aviv Hilton after it was paid for by Tumas magnate Ray Fenech. George Hyzler said that al- though he was unable to inves- tigate ethics breaches before the establishment of his office, his decision was 'specific'. "What I said in the Jason Azzopardi case was that: 'You [Azzopardi] know I can't investigate this case. I will not let this of- fice be used for political stunts," he said of the Nationalist MP. "It is, up to a point, inevitable. I do understand that the person who makes the complaint can get some kind of political mileage out of the fact that he's made a complaint. "But I don't see that as an issue when it comes to the investigation itself. Regardless of any politi- cal motivation behind any individual complaint… the ques- tion should ultimately remain: was the behaviour ethically ap- propriate, or not? "And it's not always clear-cut. Ethics is, at the end of the day, a subjective concept. And it chang- es over time: what was consid- ered 'acceptable' yesterday, might not be acceptable today, and so on." 'I won't let my office be used for stunts'

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