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2 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 31 MARCH 2021 NEWS NICOLE MEILAK THE Prime Minister has writ- ten to the Police Commissioner asking to make sure that recent Macbridge revelations are being investigated by the Police Force. In a letter signed 30 March, PM Robert Abela brings to the com- missioner's attention several re- ports revealing that the secretive company Macbridge is linked to Cheng Chen, who negotiated the Shanghai Electric investment in Enemalta. "If there is content which is not already being investigated by the Police Force and that doesn't already form part of an existing inquiry or magisterial inquiry, I ask you to ensure that all allega- tions mentioned in the articles are investigated immediately," the letter reads. According to a press release issued by the Department of In- formation, the Prime Minister reiterated confidence in Malta's institutions. "The Prime Minister maintains its confidence in all investiga- tive institutions that they should continue to work independently and without looking anyone in the face." Police Commissioner 'doesn't need PM to investigate' - PN In a press conference on Tues- day afternoon, Nationalist MP Ryan Callus said that the police commissioner, who wielded autonomy, did not require the prime minister to tell him to investigate the Macbridge reve- lations. Callus said the prime minis- ter's action was a smokescreen to make it look like he was taking action. "In reality, the prime min- ister should have immediately begun looking into the contracts himself, instead of passing the buck onto someone else," he said. The MP also questioned why Energy Minister Miriam Dalli decided not to publish the Mon- tenegro wind farm audit. "Why must the report continue to be a secret?" He asked. The MP said that the govern- ment also had a responsibility to return the money stolen from the public and invest it in the country. Callus added that there was a striking difference between how the Labour and Nationalist Party handled responsibility. "Look at what happened today [he is referring to Karol Aquili- na's resignation] and compare it to how the prime minister has handled the situation of Justyne Caruana. The prime minister decided to terminate the con- tract, but no one has taken re- sponsibility." Prime Minister asks Police Commissioner to investigate Macbridge revelations TOURISM minister Clayton Bartolo admitted that terminating Adrian Hillman's consultancy contracts with the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) last year was the best course of action at the time. In January 2020, Bartolo had announced on Twitter that a contract awarded to Hillman was terminated after learn- ing that he had been taking payments intended for a private company through consultancies from the gaming authority. Hillman had been appointed to the MGA in 2019 to man- age its reputation, despite himself being subject to a magis- terial inquiry on claims of money laundering. "From the work that was being done at the time, I felt that removing the contract was the best thing to do for the MGA," Bartolo said on Tuesday. The minister further confirmed that no libel case was ever brought against him in repsect to the matter. Hillman had accused Bartolo of making a libellous statement following his contract's termination. Tourism minister says terminating Hillman contract was 'best for Malta Gaming Authority' Adrian Hillman, the now notorious former director at Allied Newspapers, enjoyed several consultancy contracts with MGA prior to their termination Adrian Hillman

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