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MATTHEW VELLA THE banks scouted by Tumas magnate Yorgen Fenech to open accounts for him to de- posit monies held in the secret 17 Black company in Dubai, had refused his business during the first half of 2019 because Eu- ropol had informed them he was under investigation for a non-financial crime. In February 2019, Fenech was attempting to find banks that would accept a deposit of 6.5 million Dirhams (€1.5m) af- ter the UAE bank Noor closed down his accounts for Wings Development, formerly 17 Black. But his attempt to open an account in Monaco failed when banks were informed by Europol that he had been under investigation for a non-financial crime. It was also at this time that that both former prime minis- ter Joseph Muscat and his chief of staff Keith Schembri, according to the statement Fenech gave to police under arrest, had actively en- quired with him about the incriminating tapes that Melvin Theuma, the mid- dleman in the Caruana Galizia assassination, had recorded. At this stage, while Fenech was trying to clean up the trac- es of 17 Black, the company earmarked as a conduit for transactions to the security Panama compa- nies of Schembri and Konrad Mizzi, the businessman was already a suspect in the assassina- tion of Caruana Galizia. SUNDAY • 22 AUGUST 2021 • ISSUE 1138 • PUBLISHED SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY maltatoday Racism in football HOUSE TRUANTS Farrugia and Mizzi top absentee list of MPs PAGE 11 TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT Supporters to get the stick, but they think it's 'all noise' PAGE 10 With 50 years of industry experience we can provide you with a stable career that sets no limits to your earnings and personal growth. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. BECOME A PART OF OUR SUCCESS STORY. Time to #BeFrank PAGE 3 OMAR RABABAH LUKE VELLA THE brother of the late fugi- tive-murderer Ċikku Fenech pens an open letter criticising the romanticization of the for- mer tenant of the Mosta field being rehabilitated into a pub- lic park. Reacting to news of the government's restoration of Fenech's Land Rover, Michael- angelo Fenech, who lives in Australia, divulges excruciating details about his brother's crim- inal tendencies, and saying there should be no unnecessary glori- fication of his brother. In 1963, Fenech became Malta's most wanted man for the murder of farmer Ċikku Vella. He hid in caves in the Ġnejna area until giving himself up to the police four months later, and found guilty of murder. Junior minister for citizenship Alex Muscat announced the transformation of Fenech's for- mer field into a public garden, and proposed that the Land Rov- er that once belonged to Fenech, be restored as a memento and in- tegrated with the garden design. PGS 8-9 €1.95 Don't glorify the name of Cikku Fenech, says brother of man whose violence and cruelty he recounts in detail Banker told Fenech of Europol probe during 17 Black hide-and-seek Man tasked with finding new bank for 17 Black millions told businessman Paul Hili that Yorgen Fenech was being investigated by Europol Keith Schembri had access to MSS briefings on the Caruana Galizia investigations. His friend Yorgen Fenech got busy moving the 17 Black cash out of Dubai "Just by saying 'the Maltese come first' we are already assuming there are different 'types' of people with some kind of 'divine rights', when compared to others" The Maltin Bhalek host's impact on Maltese football MT2

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