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SUNDAY • 29 AUGUST 2021 • ISSUE 1139 • PUBLISHED SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY maltatoday INTERVIEW FREE WITH MALTATODAY Architecture & Design TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT Michael Piccinino, the PN's secretary-general, is part of a new generation inside the PN MT2 PAGE 3 ONLY FANS... MATTHEW AGIUS LAWYERS for Yorgen Fenech have asked for the recusal of a judge of the Criminal Court from presiding over his trial, arguing that she is an appellate judge would also have to par- ticipate in any eventual appeal. After the abstention of the judge originally allocated to the trial, Mr Justice Aaron Bugeja, the President of the Republic – on the recommen- dation of the Chief Justice – had nominated Madame Jus- tice Edwina Grima to preside Fenech's trial by jury. Fenech, the Tumas magnate, is accused of masterminding the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Fenech's lawyers have point- ed out that the Attorney Gen- eral, as the prosecutor who issued the Bill of Indictment against Fenech, participated in the choice of judge. Minutes attached to the no- tification of the judge's choice were sent to Fenech's lawyers, detailing the proceedings of a meeting convened between the President of the Republic, the Chief Justice and the At- torney General to legally vet a recommended candidate to preside over Fenech's trial. "This means that… the choice of Madame Justice Ed- wina Grima is a joint one be- tween the Attorney General and the parte civile and this goes against every sense of fair hearing and natural justice," the lawyers said. Fenech wants judge recused With an eye on appeal, Yorgen Fenech's lawyers object to choice of trial judge €1.95 "This is an actual job," say doyennes of the subscriber-only platform that is home to erotic content creators Accused: Yorgen Fenech says he cannot be judged by someone selected by his own prosecutor MATTHEW VELLA MALTA'S College of Arts, Scienc- es and Technology was found to have tolerated "an endemic and toxic practice of recommenda- tions" for favoured teaching can- didates, according to a ministeri- al inquiry concluded in 2018 and never published. The inquiry was kick-started on the back of allegations by a scorned employee, human re- sources head Josephine Abdil- la, who is still being paid a sal- ary while on special leave from MCAST three years on. Her al- legations of corruption were dis- proven by the inquiry. In the process however, the inquiry revealed a worrying tol- erance for the college's former president of its board of gover- nors, Silvio De Bono, who had allowed himself an overweening interest in the col- lege's running. PAGE 4 'Toxic culture of clientelism at MCAST' MCAST INQUIRY

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