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SUNDAY • 5 SEPTEMBER 2021 • ISSUE 1140 • PUBLISHED SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY maltatoday FIAU TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT Heightened scrutiny on foreign companies using Malta to evade tax PAGE 2 SURVEY 12-13 INTERVIEW €1.95 REBECCA ANASTASI explains why Luzzu, a low-budget film about a humble Maltese fisherman, strikes such a profound chord MT2 PAGE 3 JAMES DEBONO THE Nationalist Party organ il-Mument claimed last Sunday that Robert Abela is calling an election for either the 13th or 27th November – a clear mes- sage for activists to get ready for the fight. Resigned for an impend- ing Labour landslide, the PN needs to oil its machine, keep up the political heat and gal- vanise an apathetic pale-blue vote. But the imminence of an election can also boost the PN polls, now that it is no longer a distant protect. The coming months must see the PN make inroads among former voters still undecided or even intent on not voting. Abela keeps PN on their toes but looks to 2022 GENERAL ELECTION KURT SANSONE ROBERT Abela and his Labour Party have avoided a fallout from the damning findings of the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry, MaltaToday's September survey suggests. The Prime Minister continues to enjoy a 22-point lead over his rival Bernard Grech in the trust barometer, while the PL's 13-point lead is relatively unchanged since July. The survey was held between 25 Au- gust and 2 September and captures the mood in the wake of the public inquiry findings which were released at the end of July. No survey was held in August. Abela enjoys a trust rating of 51.5%, shedding an insignifi- cant 0.1 points since July, plac- ing him well ahead of the Nationalist Party leader, who scores 29.5%. An analysis of the survey find- ings according to how people voted in the last election sees the PL enjoying a lead of more than 33,000 votes, which rep- resents a drop of around 6,000 since July. However, the findings suggest that the PN was unable to cap- italise on the public inquiry's conclusions that cast a bad light on the Labour administration under Joseph Muscat. The inquiry found that the State was respon- sible for Caruana Gali- zia's murder by facilitat- ing an atmosphere of impunity in the country. The survey shows the PL lead- ing in Gozo, the Northern Har- bour region, the South-East and the Southern Harbour, while the PN is ahead in the Northern and Western regions. Abela remains significantly more popular than his party, while Grech trails the PN. PN's inroads still unable to overcome Abela trust MaltaToday Survey Drop of 6,000 votes in Labour's lead over PN over summer Abela and Labour unblemished by Caruana Galizia public inquiry findings mt survey PILATUS A massive trove of wealth in the hands of the few PAGE 14 ARE OUR KIDS ALRIGHT? A nationwide study says two in every three of children aged 5 to 16 are at risk of an emotional issue. It's not a mental disorder, but experts warn that children need healthy coping mechanisms pages 4-5 LOCAL PLANS How rewriting Malta's planning guide can be a radical and democratic victory PAGES 10-11

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