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4 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 12 SEPTEMBER 2021 NEWS M.V. Marie de Lourdes (Registration Number 14243) In accordance Court Decree of 25 August 2021, The administrator of World Water Fisheries Limited with registration Number C 24129 Notifies that Persons/Entities having any claims of whatever nature Including but not limited to share of ownership, title or any other interest in &/or against the above mentioned Marine vessel; are kindly requested to submit their claim supported with the relevant documentation by registered mail with confirmation by 31 October 2021 to the following address. The Administrator, World Water Fisheries Limited 113, Paola Road, Tarxien TXN 1807 The Administrator reserves the right not to consider claims which are not submitted as stated above. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 BirdLife said such a revised penalty system was against the spirit of a clampdown against the illegal use of bird-callers, with Malta now facing infringe- ment procedures from the Eu- ropean Commission over its derogation from the ban on spring hunting and trapping. Malta was expected to in- crease its fines for illegal trap- ping in the face of the EC's infringement procedures, as a sign of the government's action against law-breakers. But the FKNK told the Ornis Committee in a meeting on the draft legal notice that the penalty point system "had to be viewed from a practical and political of view". FKNK representative Joe Perici Calascione told the com- mittee that the lobby had seen a backlash from its members and even politicians. "A deci- sion has to be taken to see a balance while maintaining the ultimate objective of clamping down on bird-callers." In a vote on the draft legal no- tice, BirdLife abstained, while the FKNK, the Environment and Resources Authority, the two government representa- tives and the chairman of the committee, voted in favour. Yesterday the Maltese gov- ernment closed the autumn season for the hunting for turtle dove (gamiema), after reporting that the bag limit of 500 had been reached. The decision comes exactly a month since the European Commission instructed mem- ber states to reduce hunting bag limit on turtle dove by 50% during the autumn, after deeming that the species need- ed more protection. The turtle dove is hunted in Malta also during the spring under a contentious deroga- tion from the EU ban on hunt- ing in spring. The Maltese government is now obliged to implement ei- ther a full hunting ban on the turtle dove, or a mandatory 50% reduction of the hunting quotas during autumn. The EC had long been dis- cussing the fate of the turte dove populations with BirdLife International and the Euro- pean federation of hunters FACE. Larger countries such as France, Spain and Portugal are looking at banning turtle-dove hunting all year round. BirdLife Malta CEO Mark Sultana had said the European Commission's allowance for Malta for just 500 turtle-doves to be hunted during Septem- ber, meant that the chances of a spring hunting season for turtle-doves "is definitely out of the question." Sultana said that knowing that there is no respect for hunting laws in Malta, this lim- ited bag limit would not actu- ally stop hunters from killing more than the quota. "This puts more pressure on the Mal- tese Government to strengthen its enforcement efforts, and BirdLife Malta will remain committed to doing its share in monitoring what is happening in our countryside, support the enforcement efforts and report back both locally and at EU level on whatever we witness," Sultana said. "It is disappoint- ing that the Maltese govern- ment continued to ignore sci- entific data." 'Leniency' with points system for hunters The FKNK told the Ornis Committee in a meeting on the draft legal notice that the penalty point system "had to be viewed from a practical and political of view" PRELIMINARY MARKET CONSULTATION The Ministry for Tourism and Consumer Protection hereby notifies interested parties that it is issuing a PRELIMINARY MARKET CONSULTATION (PMC) for the provision of services to design and develop a Cost Benefit Analysis addressing digital investment in the Tourism Sector across the Maltese Islands (Ref: MTCP 01/21). The PMC document can be downloaded from Response to the PMC is to be submitted through by not later than Monday, 4th October 2021 at 10 am (GMT+2). For any queries you can send an email on MINISTRY FOR TOURISM AND CONSUMER PROTECTION IKLIN SHOOTING, PAGE 1 Xuereb was found wounded in the shoulder and bleeding on Triq il-Wied at around 3.30pm, a few metres down the road from two wrecked vehicles that had been involved in a collision. Xuereb will also be investigat- ed, prosecuting lawyer George Camilleri told the court. In 2019, Xuereb was found guilty of defrauding an individ- ual over €2,000 in 2007, through the use of forged cheques. He had been handed a two-year suspend- ed sentence. In May 2018, he admitted to and was found guilty of defrauding a number of individuals and enti- ties, for a total of around €15,000. Forged cheques had been used in this case as well and he had been handed a three-year probation sentence. During this sitting, the court had learnt through Xuereb's daughter, that Vincent Xuereb had a severe gambling addiction, which had landed him in huge debt. According to the daughter, al- though he had worked all his life, he had to sell three homes to make up for the debt and was constantly threatened by his creditors. Xuereb was in fact a victim of usury and this took a toll on his mental health as well. On the other hand, in 2011, Xuereb was sentenced to two years in prison, suspended for four years, after a violent inci- dent. He had grievously injured one policeman and slightly in- jured three others, after disobey- ing their orders and threatening them. This had occurred after he was involved in a fight, where he slightly injured another three in- dividuals.

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