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2 NEWS maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 22 SEPTEMBER 2021 2 NEWS THREE million euros are being invested in a new plant which manufactures iron structures. Economy and industry minister Silvio Schembri visited the on- going works in Ħal Far, a project made possible through the al- location of around 3,500 square meters of land which INDIS Malta granted to General Main- tenance Ltd. The increase in demand which the company will now be able to accommodate will lead to the creation of about 20 new jobs, including those of engineers, designers, CNC programmers, welders and fabricators. This has led to an increase in the number of workers with the company which now employs 50 people, while it also increases the num- ber of service providers who use it, a fact which in turn can also generate more work. Minister Schembri said this project is part of the course of ac- tion of a Government that wants to ensure the best use of the land available for the industrial sec- tor, so that more investment can be accommodated. At the same time, INDIS Malta is working on improving the infrastructure of industrial areas in Malta, includ- ing that of Ħal Far. "We are committed to creating an ideal country for investment which will improve the quality of life," Schembri said. "The climate of economic resilience that we have managed to achieve together is clearly reflected in the resilience shown by Maltese industries. Ambitious entrepreneurs, who courageously strive to maintain their competitive advantage not only in the local market but also by traversing abroad and seeking to compete with their heads held high in international markets." The €3 million investment cov- ers the structural infrastructure of the hangar, machinery and au- tomation equipment, so that the company can improve efficiency and raise the quality of its prod- uct for all its clients, both local and international. With its new capabilities, it will serve as an im- portant service provider. Schembri said Malta has man- aged to build a solid reputation in the field of international trade, with local industries considered to be of the highest level across the five continents. He noted how the company itself, since its establishment 30 years ago, to- day enjoys a very good position in the European markets, includ- ing Spain, France and Italy and is now working to expand its oper- ations in North Africa. "We are with you to help you grow your infrastructure opera- tions and to open the doors to in- ternational business opportuni- ties," Schembri said in a message to entrepreneurs. "In exchange, we expect investment in workers, who are the backbone of the Mal- tese economy." The director of the company, Matthew Camilleri, spoke about how with this assistance from IN- DIS Malta, General Maintenance will be able to undertake more work and projects both locally and internationally because it will have available the land and tools to continue to build on what it has already created, including re- cently announced projects. These projects include a 110m-long iron structure which was used in the Blata l-Bajda pedestrian bridge project, high security fencing work around the Army Bomb Disposal Unit located at Fort Mosta, the new Enemed fuel storage pipelines in Ħas Saptan, and work on pipe- lines for a super yacht in Spain. Iron structure manufacturing plant gets €3 million investment from INDIS Malta CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Cypriot officials had confirmed earlier this month that the Pope will visit the island on 2 and 3 December. Last week, In-Nazzjon re- ported that the Pope will come to Malta on the 4 and 5 December after visiting Cyprus. It remains unclear whether the Pope will be spending a night in Malta or whether his will just be a one-day trip. During the pontifical mass yesterday to mark Malta's Independence Day, Archbish- op Charles Scicluna made no reference to the papal visit. The Pope visited Slovakia and made a brief stopover in Hungary earlier this month. Pope Francis had to visit Malta in May last year but the trip was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The visit had in- cluded a stopover in Gozo. Pope Francis will be the third pontiff to visit Malta after St John Paul II and Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI. The first-ever papal visit took place in 1990 when Pope St John Paul II was given a rous- ing welcome. He visited again in 2001 when he beatified Dun Gorg Preca, Sr Adeodata Pisani and cleric Nazju Falzon during a cer- emony on the Granaries in Floriana. Preca was made Malta's first saint in 2007. The last papal visit took place in 2010 when Pope Benedict XVI visited the island at the height of the clerical sex abuse scandal. The pope had even held a private audience with the Maltese victims of priestly sex abuse. Pope Francis will visit Malta, Greece and Cyprus Pope Francis greets the crowd at Heroes' Square in Budapest, Hungary on 12 September

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