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3 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 6 OCTOBER 2021 NEWS CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 On Saturday, government unveiled the results of studies carried out by Arup, a British advisory firm, on a light-rail underground mass transport system. The studies have been in the making since 2016. Dubbed the Metro Malta, the proposal identifies three routes that will be built in stages over a 20-year period at a total cost of €6 billion. Metro Malta will have 25 sta- tions and will operate in the urban areas around the Vallet- ta ports. Consultants gave an overview of their findings and proposals but the full studies are not yet published. The findings state that from the different mass transport options analysed a light-rail underground system is best suited for Malta. This is the first comprehen- sive study of a metro system in Malta with clearly defined routes, station locations and costings. One of the largest problems identified by the consultants is the large volume of excava- tion waste that will be gener- ated and which will have to be dumped at sea or used in land reclamation projects. Prime Minister Robert Abela has said that a national discus- sion was required on a mass transport system, its benefits and implications. But government has so far stopped short of committing itself to moving ahead with im- plementing the plans, suggest- ing that the discussion should happen over a span of years. Metro project will necessitate 'extensive discussion' on financial aspects NICOLE MEILAK AN eyewitness who saw the kill- ing of four flamingos in Qawra testified in court that he saw hunt- er Miguel Zammit pointing his shotgun in the air shortly after the flamingos dropped from the sky to the sea. Caldon Mercieca, the eyewitness in question, gave a detailed ac- count of the killing in court as the compilation of evidence against Miguel Zammit continued. Mercieca said that he saw Zam- mit standing at Qawra point when he saw the flamingos fall into the sea. Zammit had his shotgun pointed to the air, and a few sec- onds later, heard the fatal shots. Several police officials testified on Tuesday. Police sergeant Ed- ward Xuereb said that the Armed Forces of Malta were roped in to help, as they needed a boat to retrieve the flamingos and gun shells. He spoke to the witness on-site, who confirmed to him that he saw the shots being fired and the four flamingos fall. The witness was eventually able to recognise the shooter and indi- cated that he was Miguel Zammit. Police constable Antoine D'Am- ato recalled how Xuereb had called for assistance on the day of the killings, asking for added help near Fra Ben. He had arrested Zammit and dropped him off at the Police Headquarters in Flori- ana. Emmanuel Zammit, stationed at the Environmental Protection Unit, was with constable D'Amato when they received the call for as- sistance. By the time they arrived on site, district police were already in the area. Zammit said that the flamingos were found dead. They were then taken for further investigation. The last witness was Daniel Caruana, also stationed at the En- vironmental Protection Unit. He was sent by the sergeant to Qawra following suspicions that flamin- gos were shot down in the area. Caruana presented Zammit's police statement to the court and confirmed that he was offered le- gal advice. Having already been denied bail, another request was filed by the defence. The magistrate will decree on bail over the coming weeks. Miguel Zammit stands accused of killing four Greater Flamingos. He was arraigned on Saturday on 2 October, in front of magistrate Elaine Mercieca. Zammit, a 23-year-old man from Gżira, pleaded not guilty. The prosecution objected to the initial request for bail on the grounds that witnesses are still to testify and that Zammit collabo- rated with police. However, the magistrate refused the request and Zammit was tak- en to Corradino prison. Eyewitness saw hunter shoot flamingos with shotgun, court hears Miguel Zammit is charged with the killing of four Greater Flamingos

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