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SUNDAY • 10 OCTOBER 2021 • ISSUE 1145 • PUBLISHED SUNDAY AND WEDNESDAY maltatoday MIND THE GAP! TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT Is Malta really ready for the metro and a new development model? PAGES 12-13 Nationalist Party As election looms, PN struggles with own voters ROBERT ABELA'S ELECTION DILEMMA Will Robert Abela chance a November quickie or is planning a long game for a March 2022 election? PAGES 2-3 PAGE 7 Hushed-up changes to leadership can close door to outsider bid Missing pension contributions: Former social welfare agency chief rectified personal situation but failed to raise alarm SEEKING THE GLORY OF GOLD Why Malta's Olympic quest needs a new plan PGS 14-15 €1.95 MaltaToday Survey Labour government gets high rating on issues that matter PAGES 8-9 Welfare boss failed to raise alarm on missing NI KURT SANSONE THE former CEO of the social welfare agency claims to be un- aware of unpaid employee pen- sion contributions during his tenure and yet rectified his per- sonal situation upon retirement. Joe Gerada, who today chairs the board of the same agency, told fellow board members on Friday he did not know that others were affected like him because of missing national in- surance contributions. In an email seen by Malta- Today, Gerada offered board members an explanation to revelations made earlier by the UĦM's online news bulletin, Voice of the Workers about missing NI contributions. The report revealed how 400 employees of the Foundation for Social Welfare Services had missing NI contributions for the period between 2000 and 2007 to the tune of €10 million. PAUL COCKS UNPUBLICISED changes to the Nationalist Party's lead- ership election system mean that outsiders with core op- position within party ranks – as in the case of former leader Adrian Delia – would have a more difficult time winning in the future, Malt- aToday has learned. PAGE 4 mt survey Support for the PN plummets, with a 16-point lead for Labour that could mean a 50,000 vote gap FULL SURVEY PAGES 10-11 PN leader Bernard Grech

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