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15 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 24 OCTOBER 2021 NEWS COURT NOTICE The Registrar, Civil Courts and Tribunals notifies that the First Hall of the Civil Court ordered the sale by Judicial Auction of the following property to be held in room numbered 78, nearby the Courts Archives, Level -1, Courts of Justice, Republic Street, Valletta. Date Time Judicial Sale No Property 02 nd November, 2021 11.30am 22/17 – AZ Suban Theresa (ID295040M) Vs Schembri Mario (ID52660M) et Field known as 'Ta Buqana', limits of Rabat valued in an agricultural zone outside the development zone, with a total approximate of 2414 metre square, with access from countryside alley from a principal road; Triq Bubana. The field is longitudinal shaped with breadth of approxiamate 26.9 metre and length of approxiamate 98.5 metre with a lease of €4.66 per year and valued €22,100. 04 th November, 2021 10.30am 18/20 – EGL Giovanna sive Jane Vassallo (ID180443M) Vs Micallef Carmelo (ID826339M) The urban tenement number 56 previously 71, Triq Hal Bajjada, Rabat, Malta, consisting of house that overlooks an internal large common yard, shared with third parties, with unknown boundaries and valued at €280,000. 04 th November, 2021 11.00am 77/16 – JGL Auto Sales Limited (C491) Vs Portelli Pauline (ID42180M) Property named 'Redentur', in Sqaq il- Ġerrejja, limits of Triq is-Serkin, Marsa, free and unencumbered valued at €240,000. 04 th November, 2021 11.30am 3/21 – JGL Muscat Ryan (ID539691M) et Vs Attard Mario (ID137376M) The tenement 124 previously number 37, in Paris Street, Zebbug, Malta, free and unencumbered from ground rents and burdens, with all its rights and appurtenances, and valued at €150,000. 04 th November, 2021 12.00pm 9/20 – AZ Seabank Hotel and Catering Limited (C40319) Vs Portelli Joseph Mary (ID536861M) et Two garages internally numbered 5 and 6 on the second level (upper basement) forming part of a building of basement garages with car access entrance from Triq il-Merluzz and exit from Triq it-Turisti in Qawra, San Pawl il-Bahar. The usage of these two garages was changed as garages were connected with another two immovable properties next to garage number 6, previously also garages, numbered 7 and 8. This underground space which previously was occupied by a total of four garages changed to a kitchen and an office. Vertical connections were made in the space previously garage number 6 with the overlying property; 'Da Michele' cafeteria, situated in Triq il-Maskli corner with Triq it-Turisti, San Pawl il-Bahar. These connections consists of an internal staircase and also a hoist (lift) for uploading and unloading food and objects related to the kitchen underlying the cafeteria. The tenement which was garage number 5 has a basement common driveway, with in perpetual and uninterrupted access from a drive in which provides access, and which garages are without airspace and without their sub terrain, subject and enjoys the servitudes resulting from their position, with the right of perpetual and uninterrupted use and with access with vehicle and on foot of the common areas and services of the garage complex and valued at €105,000. 09 th November, 2021 10.30am 14/17 – EGL Dr Edward DeBono noe Vs Hili Paul (ID501758M) et Villa named 'Is-Sienja' formely named "Casa Sant Manduca" without official number in Triq Ras il-Wardija formerly known as Triq San Gorg in Wardija, limits of San Pawl il- Baħar together with the adjacent lands which form an integral part of it with approxiamate measurement of 15,800 sqm. The said villa and the adjacent lands are bounded by North with the said street and on the South and West by property of John Dei Conti Sant Manduca or his successors in title, which property is free and unencumbered, with all its rights and enjoyments, valued at €13,600,000. 09 th November, 2021 11.00am 23/18– JGL Dr Edward DeBono noe Vs Borg Jean Pierre sive Jean (ID473467M) A) Cave measuring approximately 29.41m2, accessible from a common pathway leading in Triq San Gakbu and bounded to the west southwest by the common pathway, to the northwest by property herein described - indicated as property A in the architect report and the attached photos, exempt from any ground rents and any other burdens B) Portion of agriculture land, The said flat and garage are subjects to and enjoy servitudes resulting from their position the rest free and encumbered with all its rights and appurtenances. 18 th November, 2021 11.00am 39/18EGL HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. (C3177) Vs Curmi Martin (ID559564M) Temporary utile dominium of the terraced house, officially numbered 68 built on a portion divided of land plot number 439 in Triq Dun Amabile Sisner, Pembroke, as subject to annual and perpetual ground rent of €121.13 per year. The ground rent ending the twenty-fifth year period from the 6th March, 1988 is revisible every twenty-five years and will be increased by 15% of annual ground rent as described in the public contract in the acts of Notary Anthony Grech Trapani dated 17th November, 1999, by which the said property was acquired from the Housing Authority, valued at €728,875. 18 th November, 2021 12.00pm 21/20 – AZ Muscat Maria (ID110530M) Vs Muscat Bastjan (ID935449M) et The tenement with two doors numbered 31 and 33 in tletin Triq San Bastjan, Ħal Qormi with direct access from the street valued at €285,000. 23 rd November, 2021 10.30am 50/18 – AZ Cauchi Lawrence (ID527658M) et Vs Spiteri Patrick Dr (ID43465M) et The unnumbered property known as 'Palazzo Gherxija' together with three portions of land known as 'Ta Giar' or 'Ta Gherixija' in the district known as 'Ta' Wied Qannotta', limits of St. Paul's Bay, which land comprises of a plot of land measuring approximately of 1597m² consisting of 4 adjoining fields containing an unnumbered farmhouse and a chapel dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a plot of land measuring approximately of 4604m² situated between 'Ta Gherixija' land and 'Wied Qannotta' consisting of three adjoining fields and a plot of land measuring approximately of 18,527m² to the south of 'Wied Qannotta', consisting of three adjoining fields and subject to a pious burdens in perpetual of €22.85 equivalent to Lm9.80,8 and valued at €7,500,000. 23 rd November, 2021 11.00am 49/13 – AZ HSBC Bank Malta p.l.c. (C3177) Vs Risea Ltd (C30901) Shop officially numbered 720 in Triq il- Kbira, Ħamrun with entrance on groundfloor level, without airspace, underlying third parties property, with a common rainwater and drainage system with the overlying property and is subject to servitudes resulting from its relative position. The property is subject to an annual and perpetual ground rent of €465.87 and valued at €255,000. Tenement officially numbered 721 in Triq il- Kbira, Ħamrun situated on the right side of the shop officially numbered 720, with entrance from groundfloor level, without airspace and courtyard at the back, underlying third party property, with a common rainwater and drainage system and is subject to servitudes resulting from its relative position, free and unencumbered from any burdens, valued at €132,000. 23 rd November, 2021 11.30am 32/16 – JGL Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (C2833) Vs Merger Enterprises Limited (C7066) Unnumbered garage named 'Elia' in Cannon Road, Qormi other times referred to as Santa Venera. The said garage is bounded on East by Cannon Road, North by property of Emanuel Galea and on the south by property of Carmelo Dingli or his successors in title and subject to annual and sub perpetual ground rent of €41.05 payable directly to the subdirectors, payable annually in advance, free and unencumbered with all its right and appurtenances, tale quale and with vacant possession valued at €235,000. Further details can be obtained from the website: The bidders taking part in the auction must present their identity card Gaetana Aquilina For the Registrar of Civil Courts and Tribunals gate in Triq San Gakbu bounded on the north by the heirs of Carmleo Scicluna, southwest and southeast by property herein described - indicated as Ż and it is exempt for any ground rent and or any burdens which the said property is subject to and is situated in an Outside Development Zone. All the above properties indicated from A to Z valued at €13,000,000. 09 th November 2021 12.00pm 42/21 – AZ Debono Theresa et Vs Galea Josephine (ID820348M) The tenement number 6 in Triq il-Kbira, Alley number 1, Zebbug, Malta, with the participation of extraneus bidders, as per valuation by the architect and civil engineer Joe Grech, offers starting from €75,000. 11 th November, 2021 10.30am 25/19 – EM Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (C2833) Vs Scicluna Matthew (ID233983M) The tenement number 44 in Alley number 8, Triq Biccieni, Zabbar, consisting of a maisonette, part of which is underlying another maisonette numbered 45, owned by third parties. The said tenement is free and unencumbered, includes its roof and relative airspace and with all its rights and appurtenances, valued at €65,000. 11 th November, 2021 11.00am 17/20 - AZ Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (C2833) Vs Geomike Limited (C8820) Restaurant on groundfloor level, with an underground level with parts under the groundfloor level and the front garden named Cote d'Azur Restaurant in Triq tal- Buttar, corner with Triq Sant Antnin Marsascala, excluding its airspace and underlying third party residential apartments built on plots numbered 211, 212 and 213, forming parts on the land known as "Il- Barumbara" sive "Il-Maghluq", bounded on the North by Saint Anthony Street, on the East by a new unnamed road and on the west by property of Barumbara Limited or its successors in title, or other correct boundaries, free and unencumbered, with all its rights and appurtenances, as better described in the contract of acquisition of 10.09.1992 in the acts of Notary Dr Joseph Tabone and is valued at €1,800,000. 11 th November, 2021 11.30am 73/16 - EM Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (C2833) Vs Dr Christopher Chircop et noe Temporary utile dominium for the remaining period from 150 which commenced from 1892 of the maisonette numbered 2 previously numbered 69 in Triq Anton Buttigieg, previously known as New Street, Hamrun, including its airspace. The property has window opening servitude on the first floor that overlooks onto the property yard on the ground floor. Part of the said maisonette is overlying other property and it enjoys prospect servitude and servitude from the underlying property and has in common the drains and drainage system. The said maisonette is subject to annual and temporary ground rent of €1.40, otherwise free and unencumbered with all its rights and appurtenances and valued at €95,000. 16 th November, 2021 11.30am 53/16 - EM Bank of Valletta p.l.c. (C2833) Vs Scerri Raymond (ID605960M) The flat internally numbered 1 on the second floor and situated on the left hand side when facing the front of the block from the street, which flat forms part of an unnumbered block of buildings named 'Dajenu Apartments', in Triq Mikiel Calleja, abutting onto Triq San Tumas,Tarxien, sometimes indicated as Fgura, which entire block has been built upon 3 plots forming part of the lands known as 'Ta' Zilfa', which block is bounded on the West by the said street and from all other compass point by property of L. Spiteri and Sons Contractors Limited or its successors in title, including pro rata of the common parts of the block of the flats i.e. the entrance, corridors and stairways, staircase, stairwell, landings, lift, shafts, drains, drainage and electric systems and communications in the common parts intended for common use of all owners of the flats situated in the block, with the right to install a water tank, common aerial television and/or satellite dish on the roof of the said block of flats as well as the right of access to the roof for purposes of repair and maintenance of the said water tank, aerial and/or satellite dish but excluding the roof and the airspace overlying the said block which are not part of the common parts valued at €183,000. and Basement level garage, internally numbered 8, occupied and can only be used for personal purposes accessible from a common ramp and drive in leading to Triq Mikiel Calleja abutting onto Triq San Tumas,Tarxien, which garage forms part of an unnumbered block of buildings named 'Dajenu Apartments', in Triq Mikiel Calleja fear from the victim that it will affect their documentation neg- atively. Imagine how many peo- ple have been exploited, hurt, or died from events like this that could have been easily avoided. Enough is enough. Things need to change," Galea said. Galea had been given a sharp, unsettlingly reality check. "I know that most of Malta was quite affected by the footage of Jaiteh in the awful state he was in, as was I. I think part of me still can't quite wrap my head around it, whilst a small part of me was sad, not as surprised as I ought to have been." Galea said that unfortunately the response was "predictably, divided". On one had she was comforted by the outcry and an- ger from so many Maltese who saw the video as "a symptom of a bigger cultural and systemic problem". However, on the other hand there was a section of Maltese society who confronted by the visceral pleas of a badly-injured man fighting for his life, "chose to laugh and mock him because of a different skin tone." "I knew that a larger conversa- tion needed to happen. I wasn't completely unaware of the ex- ploitation that workers in the construction industry were fac- ing, but I had no true grasp on how bad the situation is here. Witnessing Jaiteh, and hearing his pleas, humanised him in a way we have been conditioned not to," Galea explained. Lamin has since then been dis- charged from the hospital, and he continues to recover at home with support. "His psychologi- cal state is somewhat better, but of course, this kind of traumat- ic experience will take time to heal from, not just physically but emotionally," Galea says. The activist says Lamin has im- mense gratitude for the support he received from the Maltese public with donations for his healthcare and livelihood, which will help support him, his wife, two kids and his mother, who is ill. A protest will be held on 30 October at 11am in Valletta at the Triton Fountain to raise awareness once again on human rights, Galea said. "Our world has been fractured by one division after another. It divides us as people and benefits those who wish to manipulate and control us. We need to un- learn and look inward. We need to be reminded of our humanity, and we need to stop turning our back on people who are hurting; who are trying to survive in a world that has been set up to op- press them continually. "It's time to see Malta work- ing together, alongside interest groups, to stop the 'us vs them' mentality which has plagued the island." Back home: Jaiteh Lamin (left and top) suffered spinal injuries after falling two storeys and then left for dead by his employer, who now faces charges of grievious bodily harm. He is now making a recovery. Bottom photo: activist Caroline Galea supporting animal rights at an Animal Liberation Malta event "I wasn't completely unaware of the exploitation that workers in the construction industry were facing, but I had no true grasp on how bad the situation is here"

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