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L-AĦĦAR FAŻI FIL-PROĊESS TAL-GĦELUQ tal-impjant tal-31 ta' Marzu 1979 ta' Birżebbuġa As had been announced on the 15th of July, Enemed transferred the bowser filling operations from the 31st March installation (ex-Shell) to Ħas-Saptan. As was explained at the time, the Birzebbugia installation was to be retained on cold stand-by until approximately the end of the year so that should there be problems at the new Ħas-Saptan installation, operations could temporarily shift back to Birzebbugia to ensure continuity of supply of fuels across the Island. Now that more than three months of continuous trouble-free operations from Ħas-Saptan have passed, Enemed feels confident that it can definitely close the Birzebbugia installation. For this to take place, the tanks at Birzebbugia now need to be emptied from fuel. This is only possible by means of bowsers. For this reason, as from Monday 1st November, Enemed bowsers will once again start operating from Birzebbugia in order to empty the fuel from the installation and distribute it to the petrol stations across Malta. It is expected that this process will last between five and six weeks. Once this process is completed, the installation will be rendered safe by removing any gases and disconnecting all tanks from the system so that they can never be filled with fuel again. At the same time, applications will be filed with the competent authorities in order to cancel the permits that the installation has as a fuel storage site. Once this is completed, the site will be returned back to Enemalta, which is the owner of the site. Enemed would like to thank all the residents for their patience throughout all these years and appreciates everyone's cooperation for the few remaining weeks until this last phase of the project is completed in the most efficient way. www. LAST PHASE IN THE PROCESS FOR THE CLOSURE of the 31st March 1979 Installation at Birzebbugia

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