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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 10 NOVEMBER 2021 ACROSS 1) "And another thing ..." 5) Book with maps 10) Leopard feature 14) Salon work 15) Grandiose or flashy 16) Strip a fruit 17) Radius, to diameter 20) Put in 21) Temp ts 22) Pinch of seasoning 25) Hackman of "Hoosiers" 26) Do one's part? 29) Where the worm turns 31) Villain 35) Long scarf 36) Overpromoted 38) Cotton-pickin' contrap- tions 39) What landlords hate 43) Double-decker part 44) Musical drama 45) Time span 46) Roller coaster reaction 49) Bygone despot 50) Scheider of "Jaws" 51) Svelte 53) Barbecue accessory 55) Chains of connected ideas or passages 58) Recessed area 62) Complete account 65) Having sufficient skill 66) Cleverly avoid 67) Type of candy or cider 68) One-time Turkish governors 69) Asian goatlike animal 70) Ages upon ages DOWN 1) Feel sore 2) Bit of bank business 3) River deposit 4) Killed, mobster-style 5) Baseball bat material 6) ___ Lord's Prayer 7) Valuable vein 8) On ___ and a prayer 9)Gambler's claim to beat- ing the odds 10) Period beginning with Sputnik 11) Window square 12) Middle-Earth menaces 13) Golf prop 18) Like some novels 19) Pitchfork prong 23) Tofu bean (Var.) 24) Zoo heavyweight, briefly 26) Assists in a crime 27) Laughable 28) Grow narrower 30) Was a bounder? 32) San Fran pro 33) Foreword, briefly 34) English-class assign- ment 37) Bride's purchase 40) Rail road bridges 41) Keep from escaping 42) Boat harbor 47) Downwind, nautica lly 48) Saucy misses 52) Syrup source 54) One-tenth payment 55) Die 56) Country friendly to yours 57) Speak unclearly 59) "See you, signore" 60) It's hit in traffic jams? 61) Loose things to tie up? 62) "Incredible!" to Beatie fans 63) Rapid bustling move- ment 64) In mint condition Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy becoming cloudy and rainy with locally thundery and gusty showers Visibility Generally good locally moderate to poor in showers TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER MAINLY CLOUDY SHOWERS 23 0 / 18 0 21 0 / 16 0 FEELS LIKE 23 0 FEELS LIKE 21 0 MATTHEW AGIUS THE Criminal Court has de- nied requests for bail filed by one of the men indicted over charges of procuring the bomb which killed journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia. Jamie Vella, who stands ac- cused together with Tal-Mak- sar brothers Adrian and Rob- ert Agius, as well as George Degiorgio, had filed an appli- cation to the Criminal Court, requesting bail on 4 November. The court yesterday heard lawyers for Vella argue that the prosecution had relied on the evidence provided by Vince Muscat to justify the man's continued arrest. They also argued that the accused was a "most normal being who has nothing to do with this. He's here just because Vince Muscat named him," In a decree handed down to- day, Mr Justice Giovanni Grix- ti, presiding in the Criminal Court, said that he had exam- ined the application in the light of copious jurisprudence, both upholding and denying such requests. The judge observed that the seriousness of the charges did not mean that a person ac- cused should be remanded in preventive custody indefinite- ly. "That said. However, it is crucial in the determination of such requests that a balance is struck between the many fac- tors which surround preven- tive custody, amongst them the sacrosanct right to liberty and the rights of society as well as that of the accused himself to have a just and serene process, according to the rule of fair hearing that should lead to a just outcome." Taking into consideration all these factors, and having heard the submissions by the Attor- ney General in this regard, the court said that the possibil- ity of escape now that the ac- cused knew what he was being charged with was "more real" and accompanied by a fear of him tampering with evidence. Judging the facts of the case was an exercise that would be carried out by another court, said the judge. "The task of this court with regards to the appli- cation in question is… to de- cide whether the holding of the accused in preventive custody is still justified. And after due analysis, taking into consider- ation the balance and propor- tionality mentioned above, de- cides that the serious nature of the accusations taken together with the fear of tampering with evidence and that of escape at this stage justifies that the ar- rest be continued." Lawyers Alfred Abela and Rene Darmanin are appearing for Vella. Lawyer George Camilleri rep- resented the Office of the At- torney General. Court denies Jamie Vella bail request The Criminal Court has denied requests for bail filed by one of the men indicted over charges of procuring the bomb which killed journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia

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