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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 24 NOVEMBER 2021 ACROSS 1) Worship from_ 5) Style of apparel 9) Sea anemone, e.g. 14) ___ lily (Utah state flower) 15) It's good for the skin 16) Senora's sayonara 17) Petty criminals 20) Microphone inventor Berliner 21) Home office cord 22) Become nervous 25) Young boy 26) More willing 28) Poi base 32) Backer of Columbus 37) Indiana cager 38) "A Christmas Carol" role 41) Dust collector 42) Becomes more severe, as weather 43) Sharpen 44) Pick-me-up 46) Orchestra's area 47) Add water 53) 1988 Connery film (with "The") 58) Clear away condensed moisture 59) Just a bit, if that 62) Forearm bones 63) Spoke the words 64) Bearer of the Golden Fleece 65) Smelting leftovers 66) European river 67) Coffee source DOWN 1) Thing in the plus column 2) ___ fatale 3) Piano teacher's demand 4) Moves on wheels 5) Hood's handgun 6) Champ who could "sting like a bee" 7) Apple variety 8) Bug on the road? 9) Trimmed a pippin 10) Olfactory property 11) Griffin half 12) Oxen harness 13) "Hey, Mac!" 18) "House of the Long Shad- ows" actor Christopher 19) Overcook on purpose 23) Unattractive citrus fruit 24) Hand part 27) Like a Stallone character 28) Where to read RPMs 29) Liniment target 30) Strap for horse control 31) Doggie bag morsels 32) Irritation for one in a cast 33) Cylindrical storehouse 34) Bartlett's abbr. 35) Mega- follower 36) Ordinal number ender 37) TDs are worth six 39) Allergy indication 40) Bohemian 44) ___ one's time 45) Serving no purpose 46) Sorted laundry accumula- tions 48) Banned insecticide 49) Betty Ford Clinic specialty 50) Blazing 51) Kingdom east of Fiji 52) Encourage 53) Calculator key 54) Small brook 55) Highest active volcano of Europe 56) "Guys only" party 57) Verbally 60) Fountain pen part 61) Poetry 101 reading Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind South Southeast F5 to F6 veering West Southwest F3 Sea Moderate becoming slight to moderate TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY THUNDERY SHOWERS 21 0 / 14 0 21 0 / 15 0 FEELS LIKE 21 0 FEELS LIKE 21 0 MATTHEW AGIUS TWO Birkirkara FC supporters were released on bail after they were charged over violent inci- dents on Sunday at the Tony Bez- zina Stadium in Paola. The violence broke out after Birkirkara lost 2-0 against Santa Lucia in a Premier League match. Kerstin Falzon, 21, and Jake Attard, 19, both from Birkirkara were arraigned before Magistrate Monica Vella on Tuesday, accused of attacking a police constable and using offensive language as they were going into the stadium. Falzon alone was also accused of damaging a camera being operat- ed by the police and committing an offence whilst on bail. Police Inspector Paul Camilleri, prosecuting, told the court that a number of supporters had been involved in a disturbance in the stadium's VIP area. The police had gone in and extracted the person instigating the unrest, a member of the Birkirkara FC committee who was not named in court. Several supporters had vocifer- ously objected to the police action, he said. At one point, an officer had gone to move supporters, who had been jeering at rival supporters, back from the Perspex. He explained that nobody is allowed to leave their seat whilst at the football sta- dium. "A group of 'ultras' approached and expected the police not to re- move those supporters. In a few seconds the officer was surround- ed by six men and requested back- up." The RIU arrived on the scene soon after, he said. The footage clearly showed that the two ac- cused men were involved. Lawyer Richard Sladden, ap- pearing for Attard together with lawyer Franco Debono, requested bail. The lawyers argued that Jake Attard was not seen assaulting the police, had not insulted anyone and had not held anyone against their will in the footage. Sladden told the magistrate that his client had gone up to the Per- spex to rescue his 17-year-old brother. Debono added that the accused had a clean criminal record. He argued that it was natural for the accused to want to help his young- er brother. It was a momentary thing, he said. The inspector objected to bail, arguing that the incident should not have happened in the first place, as the accused should not have left his seat. "Jake was the first to go up to the VIP gate and his brother joined him in insulting the rival supporters." The prosecutor confirmed that there was no fear of the accused tampering with evidence or ab- sconding. Debono argued that it was "a football ground after all." "No vio- lence is ever acceptable but every- one knows the atmosphere, not only in Malta but everywhere." Lawyer Noel Bianco, for Kersten Falzon, argued that his client had gone to help his 17-year old friend and had cooperated with the po- lice. Falzon, who was already on bail for another offence, had broken his leg at the stadium after getting it stuck between two seats. Inspector Camilleri said that Falzon had punched a police con- stable in the abdomen, whilst the latter was trying to calm the situ- ation down. The two youths were released on bail against a deposit of €1,000 and a €3,000 personal guarantee, also being ordered to sign a bail book once a week. A protection order was issued in favour of the police constable who was assaulted. Two Birkirkara FC supporters charged over football stadium violence

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