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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 1 DECEMBER 2021 ACROSS 1) Cold War concern 6) Prepare to shoot bil- liards 10) Cranberry sites 14) Debate in court 15) "___ further review ... " 16) Pasty-faced 17) It's important to make a good one 20) ___-totter 21) Start of some letters 22) Roundup need 25) Brooks of country music 26) Declines (with " out of') 30) Italian volcano 32) Grace period? 35) Cruel sort 41) Vice President, e.g. 43) Complicated, as a prob- lem 44) Walkman insert, once 45) Organic necklaces 47) It follows 11 48) Tripoli's country 53) To the max 56) Neighbor of Peru 58) Secondary color 63) Result of a severe grilling? 66) Like some charge cards 67) Cajun cooking pod 68) Gave a leg up 69) Table scraps 70) Wholly absorbed, as in thought 71) Mulligan and beef DOWN 1) Ax handle 2) SoftFrench cheese 3) See 35-Across 4) Absolute requirement 5) Tropical nut or palm 6) Coke companion 7) Short software program? 8) Police line 9) Oft-injured joint 10) Iraqi port 11) Willow twig 12) Whoopi's Oscar film 13) Electronic instrument, informally 18) Roth___ (investment choice) 19) Succumb to gravity 23) Very large truck 24) Letter-drawing guide 26) Trans-Siberian Railroad city 27) Spherical hammer part 28) Crunchy munchie 29) Vending-machine open- ing 31) "Famous" cookie maker 33) Demolition letters 34) Pastoral poem (Var.) 36) Mamma's triplets 37) Call from the pews 38) Defense org. formed in 1949 39) Dividing word 40) First lady's residence 42) Put in the play 46) Exclamation of triumph 48) Set free 49) Mythical blood of the gods 50) Constructed 51) Rusher's gains 52) Arithmetic function 54) Underwater eggs 55) Geometric calculations 57) Skunk's defense 59) "This won't hurt ____ !" 60) Without a stitch on 61) Mushroomed 62) "To the ___ of the Earth" 64) Brief assembly? 65) Maze runner, in a lab Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Cloudy during the day becoming partly to rather cloudy overnight Visibility Good Wind West Northwest force 4 to 5 backing West Southwest TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER CLOUDY PARTLY CLOUDY 16 0 / 13 0 19 0 / 14 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 FEELS LIKE 19 0 MATTHEW VELLA CHILDREN can make a big dif- ference when it comes to chang- ing people's attitude towards safety on roads. Street Smart 7, a safety cam- paign aimed at young children, will show a series of interac- tive videos in school lessons demonstrating road safety in an educational and entertain- ing way, across all primary schools. "Children are more likely to challenge how we do cer- tain things, so this is a fan- tastic opportunity to mix fun and education to achieve this much-needed change," said Konrad Pulé, General Manager at Malta Public Transport. The initiative is being pro- moted by Fundación MAPFRE, in collaboration with Malta Public Transport, the Ministry for Education, and the Malta Road Safety Council. "Fundación MAPFRE em- barked on this awareness campaign in Malta in 2013 to promote road safety measures amongst children and young adults, and it has been a great success amongst students in schools all over the island. We are now very excited to launch the 7th edition of this project," said Javier R. Moreno Gonza- les, CEO at MAPFRE Middle- sea. The campaign will be car- ried out over a period of three years, with this year's interac- tive videos focusing on safety issues while being a passen- ger in a private vehicle, while walking, and while travelling by bus. The videos are aimed at children aged between 5 and 9. However, they can also be en- joyed by younger or older chil- dren. Children will be asked to choose between two different scenarios as we see Mr Safe and his family go through different familiar experiences. With the popular comedy duo Danusan in the principal roles, it will raise awareness among the younger generation about safe- ty on our roads and encourage them to be safety ambassadors when they notice something is wrong. "Children and students are our genuine change agents and are definitely in favour of a just and better world," education ministry permanent secretary Dr Francis Fabri. "Through this awareness campaign, children shall en- gage in informed and interac- tive activities whilst enjoying and uplifting their learning experience. The contribution from Fundación MAPFRE for the past nine years and the next three years will indeed support Transport Malta and Malta Public Transport in their educational mission and sus- tain the educational journey of school children whilst becom- ing active and responsible cit- izens." Malta Road Safety Council, Executive Chairperson Pierre Vella stated: "Notwithstanding the pandemic, it was the deter- mination of everyone involved with Fundación MAPFRE that kept this initiative moving for- ward. The concept is quite in- novative, and the scripts and filming were all created and staged locally, giving the con- cept a local touch." Kids key to road safety in primary school campaign A still from the Street Smart 7 road safety campaign

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