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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 8 DECEMBER 2021 ACROSS 1) Utilise a mall 5) "Hamlet" five 9) Walk all over 14) Whine and whimper 15) Big bird of the pampas 16) Slow-paced runner 17) "___ go bragh" 18) Cash repository 19) Military adversary 20) Metaphorical shield 23) Harp relative of old 24) Time before anything 25) Pound's major opus 28) Like some ammunition 30) Relaxing retreat 33) Lie in store for 34) Of the finest quality 35) Witnessed 36) Removes the first layer? 39) ___ out a living 40) Doggie bag items 41) Armistice 42) "The Hunt for ___ Octo- ber" 43) Cons partners 44) Rang, as a bell 45) Lose tautness, in a way 46) Minimum-range tide 47) South African peninsu- la 54 ) Photographer's poser 55) Heat and light genera- tor 56) Husband of a countess 57) It's all around the lagoon 58) Birthstone after sap- phire 59) Attention-getting utter- ance 60) Electric car brand 61) Give up, as territory 62) Baby seals DOWN 1) Detail, for short 2) Deliver, as a pitch 3) Gallimaufry 4) Fines 5) Tree -shaded areas 6) Make sore by rubbing 7) Gymnast s' perfect scores 8) Pen name of H. H. Munro 9) Record jacket 10) 1,000 kilogrammes 11) Cartel since 1961 12) "Who wants candy?" response 13) Be a busybody 21) Japanese capital of yore 22) Flood-control structure 25) Do a banquet 26) Out of dreamland 27) With nothing on 28) Ransacks 29) They're accommodating 30) Capital on the Han River 31) Quiet companion 32) Put in a poker chip 34) Jimi Hendrix's do 35) Accumulation of refuse 37) Pass up 38) Ending for "farm" or "home" 43) Spanish rice dish 44) Human beings 45) Kind of checker 46) Roamer 47) Sheep enclosure 48) Hubbubs 49) Tuftlike mass 50) Stare dumbfoundedly 51) Iolani Palace's island 52) Get ready to operate 53) Some shade providers 54) Wrestler's surface Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Cloudy during the day becoming partly to rather cloudy overnight Visibility Good Wind West Northwest force 4 to 5 backing West Southwest TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER PARTLY CLOUDY SHOWERS 18 0 / 12 0 15 0 / 12 0 FEELS LIKE 18 0 FEELS LIKE 14 0 CHRISTMAS attraction Fairyland Santa's City has been temporarily closed down after sustaining damages to due to adverse weather conditions. "Unfortunately, due to the heavy winds last night, Fairyland has sustained light damages to some structures and decor within the ven- ue," a statement uploaded on Facebook read. It said staff are busy working to "rebuild" the affected areas. "Whilst we do apologies for any inconven- ience caused, we do keep your safety our number one priority," the statement read. Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo was also due to official open the attraction on Tues- day evening at 6 pm, but the event has been cancelled. Among the attractions which will be re- turning to Valletta are the Ferris wheel, the ice rink and Santa Claus. Valletta Christmas village shuts down temporarily due to wind damage

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