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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 5 JANUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) "God ___ you" (sneeze response) 6) Unable to flee 11) Swabbing tool 14) Word in some cold temperatures 15) F ive-alarm stuff 16) S&L offering 17) Sofa adjunct 19) Eye cover 20) Fitting room activities 21) L.A. pro 23) "On the other hand ..." 26) Fit for the table 27) More foolish 28) Infant's accessory 30) Affectionate taps 31) Boarded, as a bus 32) Civil Rights, for one 35) Trash-bag accessory 36) Gold panner's activity 38) Brazil metropolis, famil- iarly 39) Legendary Bobby on skates 40) Makes sharper 41) Business entity 42) They may be current or historical 44) Wall fixture 46) Members of the birch family 48) Riot queller 49) Sorceress who aided Jason's quest 50) Ear-burning speech 52) Ruckus 53) Japanese ritual 58) Haul to a garage 59) Baby bird 60) Giggle 61) Country lodge 62) More than wants 63) "The ___ Of Kilimanjaro" DOWN 1) It airs on the telly 2) Many an August baby 3) Wee toymaker 4) Lessens in force 5) One way to avoid a n accident 6) All the stage is his world 7) Part of a compa rison 8) Baby cover-ups 9) American leader? 10) Submissive 11) Like cows 12) Cantilevered bay win- dow 13) San Diego pro 18) Ogler, essentially 22) Be ill 23) Knowledgeable about, old-school 24) Live, as an interview 25) Diluted 26) Black, to an old poet 28) Changes spots 29) Soul singer Redding 31) Lady's guy 33) About, in dates 34) Large books 36) Major hotel chain 37) Physics particles 41) Supervisors 43) Victory sign 44) Cook a steak, perhaps 45) Academy attendees 46) Cremona craftsman 47) Enticed 48) Old shipping allowances 50) "A ___ of Two Cities " 51) Cooled, as a six- pack 54) Barnyard bleater 55) Surprised cry 56) "So, what else is ___?" 57) Positive answer Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy with the possibility of an occasional shower becoming cloudy with showers locally thundery, gusty and with hail at times TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER POSSIBLE SHOWERS SHOWERS 16 0 / 10 0 16 0 / 10 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 THE Nationalist Party feels no need for MP David Thake to resign his portfolio over a pending VAT bill of €270,000 on his company Vanilla Telecoms Ltd. During a press conference on Tuesday, the party's deputy lead- er David Agius made a distinc- tion between David Thake and Karol Aquilina. The latter had resigned as shadow minister for justice after he was charged over a June 2019 driving incident. "The cases are a bit different from each other. Karol Aquilina was charged in court but is now back in the parliamentary group. Thake put himself forward to the Standards Commissioner for investigation. A decision will be taken from them" Agius said. Thake reported himself to the Standards Commissioner after reports surfaced of a pending VAT bill. He formally wrote to the Commissioner requesting an investigation into the reports to identify whether he breached ethical standards at any point. With regards to Vanilla Tele- coms Ltd, Thake stated that all income had been declared in time and that there is no allega- tion or suspect of tax evasion. However, he admitted that €270,440 is due to the tax author- ities, with €233,515 of the sum amounting to pending VAT. The rest is interest and penalties. Thake said that €174,790 are immediately due, while the rest had been deferred as part of the COVID measures to help busi- nesses during the pandemic. No need for David Thake to resign pending tax probe, PN deputy leader says David Thake self-reported himself to the Standards Commissioner after reports surfaced of a pending VAT bill of €270,000 PN MP David Thake

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