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MALTODAY SURVEY PAGE 4 SURVEY PGS 8-9 TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/COVID19 SUNDAY • 16 JANUARY 2022 • ISSUE 1159 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday €1.95 MATTHEW VELLA INTERNATIONAL arrest warrants for Pilatus Bank owners and top brass have not yet been executed, de- spite being signed by a mag- istrate in March 2021 on the back of a 600,000 page inquiry into the shut- tered private bank. The IAWs remain pending ever since Magistrate Ian Farrugia signed them, three months after finalising the €7.5 million in- quiry in Decem- ber 2020. The arrest war- rants are for Pila- tus Bank owner Ali Sadr Hasheminejad, who is believed to be living in the United States of America af- ter his arrest and lat- er acquittal on sanc- t i o n s - b u s t i n g charges; Pilatus Bank operations chief Luis Rive- ra, now living in Texas; operations supervisor Meh- met Tasli; director Hamidreza Gham- bari; and chief risk officer Antoniella Gauci. JASON AZZOPARDI KURT SANSONE ROBERT Abela's trust rating at 47.3% has taken a four-point hit but Bernard Grech has failed to cap- italise on the Prime Minister's woes, MaltaToday's Jan- uary survey shows. Grech's trust rating stands at 26%, a decline of 0.5 points over last month's findings. The gap between the leaders sees Abela ahead by 21.3 points. However, the survey shows that more peo- ple now trust none of the two major leaders. With 21.1% say- ing they trust neither Abela nor Grech, this is the highest it has been since Sep- tember 2020. The Labour Party enjoys a 15-point lead over the Nationalist Party at the start of election year but both have seen support de- cline. The January Malta- Today survey puts the PL's support at 43.5% and that of the PN at 28.6%. Support for AD- PD stands at 0.9% and other political forma- tions record 0.6%. Non-voters declined by one point to 10.4%, while uncertain voters increased by almost four points to 13.9%. Labour leads by a ma- jority of almost 46,000 votes. The gap will decline to just under 33,000 votes in the unlikely scenario that the PN captures all new unsure voters. Abela's trust takes a hit but Labour retains 46,000 lead Pilatus money laundering: arrest warrants not yet served to bosses Law and disorder The problem with justice for women in Malta ALESSANDRA BALDACCHINO MT2 'Not such a foregone conclusion, that Labour will win' INTERVIEW MT2 Signs of political fatigue as Abela's trust drop still does not translate into gains for PN rival Bernard Grech Four-way race for European Parliment presidency with Metsola starting out in front 10-11 On special magistrate he proposed back in the 1990s PG 15 Alfred Sant Pilatus bank bosses mounting 'scorched-earth' litigations against government and MFSA officers despite money laundering charges pending Since his exoneration in the USA, Ali Sadr Hasheminejad has been filing cases for damages and restitution against the Maltese government, MFSA officials and the ECB mt survey

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