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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 19 JANUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) Gas or clutch item 6) Confusing mistake 11) Paranormal power, for short 14) Japanese cartooning 15) "Eyes" in many emoti- cons 16) Work for the CIA 17) Boy Scouts awards 19) Contents of a La Brea pit 20) Buddhism doctrine of nonviolence 21) Saddled animal 23) Witches' meetings 26) Seraglios 27) Mournful bell sounds 28) Paris art museum 30) Shrek or Fiona, e.g. 31) Move like a crab 32) "The Way" of Lao-Tse 35) Ring king 36) Burundian's neighbor 38) Hiker's sock-clinger (Var.) 39) Chicken piece 40) Roof borders 41) Prefix for "trooper" or "graph" 42) Concealed 44) Pertaining to spring 46) Garb 48) Strips bare 49) Shinbone 50) Pottery fragments (Var.) 52) Lamb's call 53) Healthy all-occasion gift 58) Curving line 59) Not here 60) Loyal subject 61) Talk too much 62) More achy 63) Jessica of Hollywood DOWN 1) "The Office" character 2) 67.5 degrees, to mari- ners 3) 2-Down, e.g. 4) Like Miss Congeniality 5) Fatal 6) Swindles 7) Agrees silent ly 8) Bit of aquarium growth 9) "Friend or ___?" 10) Sporting whiskers 11) Bruce Springsteen's backers 12) Muscle twitch 13) Funeral fires 18) Drill tips 22) Legendary Bruin Bobby 23) Common toast 24) Acute thing? 25) "Returning soon" 26) Hip-swaying dance 28) Contents of certain closets 29) Betting info 31) Stash away money 33) Personal atmospheres 34) Unwritten exams 36) Second versions 37) Walk through water 41) Otto von Bismarck's realm 43) Three, on a sundial 44) Part of a sentence 45) Ultimate conclusion 46) Cornered 47) Royal wedding wear 48) Impede the progress of 50) Litigious type 51) Put on the job 54) Seventeenth Greek letter 55) Friend of Barbie 56) It may be beaten 57) Golfer's gadget Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy becoming rather cloudy Visibility Good Wind Variable force 2 to 3 Sea Slight to moderate Swell Low Northeast TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER MAINLY CLOUDY PARTLY CLOUDY 15 0 / 9 0 15 0 / 9 0 FEELS LIKE 14 0 FEELS LIKE 14 0 KARL AZZOPARDI SPEAKER Anglu Farrugia has ruled the House will need the president's address to discuss the PN's an- ti-corruption omnibus Bill. The ruling was requested by Nationalist Deputy Leader David Agius on Monday, after government refused to place the Bill on parliament's agenda. "Unless there is a recommendation by the Presi- dent, the House will not discuss a Bill, or any leg- islative amendment that requires additional pub- lic funds to be spent," Farrugia ruled on Tuesday. The PN Bill includes a proposal for a special inquiring magistrate tasked to fight corruption, new crimes targeting mafia-style organisations and unjustified wealth, and rules for interim gov- ernments during electoral campaigns. Farrugia said that the proposal to create the new post of anti-corruption inquiring magistrate would necessitate funds to set up the office and provide the necessary resources as indicated in the Opposition's proposal. The agenda in parliament is presented by the government. Government Whip Glenn Bedingfield had dis- missed the Opposition's request for the Bill to be put on parliament's agenda, insisting the Opposi- tion could use the time allotted to it on Thursday when it can present a private member's motion. Speaker rules that PN's anti-corruption Bill needs president's ascent to be discussed in parliament

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