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KURT SANSONE THE Labour Party will win an election with a gap of just un- der 36,000 votes over the Na- tionalist Party, MaltaToday's February survey shows. If an election is held tomor- row, the projected result will see the PL capturing 54.3% of the vote, against the PN's 42.8%. ADPD would poll 1.9%. The result will be similar to that of the 2017 general elec- tion, although the gap has de- clined by just over 10,000 votes since MaltaToday's January FULL SURVEY PAGES 8-9 TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/COVID19 SUNDAY • 6 FEBRUARY 2022 • ISSUE 1162 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday CHARLIE CAUCHI PN cuts gap by 10,000 votes but election now will be repeat of 2017 JAMES DEBONO answers the questions you're asking on the Ukraine crisis PAGES 14-15 MALTATODAY SURVEY Resurgent PN claws back lost ground but Labour vote stays stable €1.95 The film director and creator of 'From Malta to Motorcity' interviewed MT2 PAGES 8-9 So what does Russia really want? Books? Get stuffed Economic boom could have reduced incentive to study PAGE 4 PL 54.3% PN 42.8% ADPD 1.9% Vote Gap 35,778 MaltaToday survey projected election result 643 respondents (31/1/22-4/2/22) • est. margin of error 4.2% • confidence 95% overall survey. The projected result does not attribute voting preference to those who say they will not vote and new voters unsure who to vote for. Unsure voters, who voted in 2017, are assumed to be voting in line with their past preference. If all uncommitted new vot- ers are assumed to vote for the PN – an unlikely scenario – the gap would drop to just under 26,000. Humiliated by bullies, ostracised by school and ignored by authority An independent school failed to deal with a harrowing bullying case, and instead isolated the victim and his parents PAGES 6-7 'Systematic destruction' Rabat abduction: who are the men behind a car hire business empire? 2-3

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