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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 9 FEBRUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) Cool in manner 6) Computer-phone link 11) Budgetary excess 14) Drug cop, for short 15) Archaic "prior" 16) Nuptial agreement 17) Certain news gatherers 19) Fireplace toss-in 20) Angry Birds, e.g. 21) Brand of scouring pad 22) Postgrad deg. 23) Locals near a campus 27) Small potatoes 29) Poem that extols 30) Fit of agitation 32) Delhi dress 33) Writer's point? 34) "___ mud in your eye!" 36) It's tough to break one 39) Burst of wind 41) Takes a lease 43) Celestial bear 44) Glass vial (Var.) 46) Brown ermine 48) Death on the Nile crea- tor? 49) "As before," in footnotes 51) ___ sapiens 52) Have regrets 53) Member of a governing body 56) With bulging peepers 58) Down-for-the-count count 59) Historical period 60) First-grader's age, typical- ly 61) Verb for you 62) Type of fallout 68) Manly address 69) Be madly in love with 70) "Parliament" ending 71) "For___ a jolly good ..." 72) Unlikely host 73) Highlander with land DOWN 1) Kitchen invader 2) Washroom, casually 3) "Bobby Hockey" 4) Blue expanse 5) Too fastidio us 6) Dent or scratch 7) With regularity, poetically 8) Performs, old-style 9) Rarities for Gold Glove winners 10) Handel work (with "The") 11) Place for some classic movies 12) Baked brick 13) Caesar's wardrobe 18) Series starter 23) Kingdom in the South Seas 24) Hateful disgrace 25) Spiders at work 26) Colts' fathers 28) German wife 3J) First extra inning 35) Keep a low profile? 37) Campaign item 38) Mended temporarily 40) Big brass instrument 42) Filled Indian pastry 45) Like some translations 47) Of current interest 50) El ___ (legendary city of gold) 53) Store away 54) Inducing the creeps 55) Hazardous household gas 57) Something additional 63) Sore feeling 64) Bard's "above" 65) Midaftemoon, on a sundi- al 66) "Alternate spelling" abbr. 67) Wind up Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 7 backing Northwest force 5 to 6 and becoming force 4 to 5 overnight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER WINDY MAINLY SUNNY 14 0 / 10 0 15 0 / 8 0 FEELS LIKE 11 0 FEELS LIKE 13 0 KURT SANSONE ARNOLD Cassola has adopted the slogan 'We deserve better' for his general election bid as the independent candidate unveils his manifesto and website. The former Alternattiva Demokratika chairperson will be contesting the election on the 10th and 11th districts as an in- dependent. Cassola broke ranks with the Green Party he helped set up over disagreement on how the abortion issue should be tackled in the run-up to the 2019 Eu- ropean Parliament election. He went on to contest that election as an independent, garnering 2,127 first count votes. He has since maintained a vo- cal presence on social media and has consistently asked the Standards Commissioner to investigate ethical breaches by MPs and ministers whenever these were flagged by the media. Cassola, 68, unveiled his mani- festo and website on Tuesday in what promises to be one of the slickest campaigns ever for an in- dependent candidate of stature. His manifesto, drawing from years of association with the Green Party, is built on three pil- lars: a clean environment, clean politics and a caring society. Cassola wants a two-year mor- atorium on tall buildings to serve as a period of reflection on past mistakes and create better planning policies for the future. He is also calling for the law that declares the coastline public do- main to be properly enforced so that "every inch of Malta's coast- line is accessible to the public, always and everywhere". Extending the Gozo fast ferry service to Xemxija, Sliema, Val- letta, Smart City, Marsaskala and Marsaxlokk, should be ex- plored, he proposes. On good governance, Cassola is proposing that all magisterial inquiries are published as part of the normal course of justice while providing safeguards for the people involved. He suggests removing the time-bar on ethical breaches by public officials so that the work done by the Standards Commis- sioner will be unshackled. He also wants all dubious gov- ernment contracts to be pub- lished and investigated. Cassola is calling for a decent minimum salary and subsidised internet, mobile, water and elec- tricity services for pensioners. Independent candidate Arnold Cassola unveils election website, slogan and manifesto Arnold Cassola (pictured) obtained 2,127 firct count votes in the 2019 European Parliament election

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