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MATTHEW VELLA & LUKE VELLA THE former Commissioner of Revenue, Marvin Gaerty, flew to Las Vegas in 2018 together with two of the men who stand charged with the abduction and assault of a man in Rabat. Gaerty, who stepped down from his powerful role at the end of January, flew in Octo- ber 2018 with Christian Borg and Tyson Grech, to watch the historic clash between MMA fighters Khabib Nurmagome- dov and Conor McGregor in Las Vegas. But the holiday came just under two months after Borg, 28, was summoned by the Tax Compliance Unit for an audit of his company Princess Hold- ings. At that time, Borg and Grech, were running their car rental business and dealership, but had not yet submitted a single set of their annual accounts for Princess Holdings and No De- posit Cars. As the accounts filed in Janu- ary 2022 show, Princess Hold- ings amassed €22 million in ac- cumulated losses, despite Borg and Grech, 26, flaunting their wealth on social media with snaps of their holidays and su- percars. Now they stand accused of having abducted a man whom they threatened to have his fin- gers cut. GOZO LAND GRAB Government freezes property registrations in Nadur to dead- leg Abbazia titles PAGE 2 Get €100 cashback when investing €5,000 or more TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/COVID19 SUNDAY • 13 FEBRUARY 2022 • ISSUE 1163 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday ALEKSANDER DIMITRIJEVIC PAGES 8-9 Tax chief flew to Las Vegas with abduction gang boys Visualised: From PPP to accusations of kickbacks PAGES 14-15 €1.95 Only a political commitment to culture-change, can address male violence against women MT2 The Vitals TIMELINE SALT WATER New water brings old problem for farmers in the south PAGE 12 Tinder troubles... Christian Borg was summoned for tax audit two months before Las Vegas trip over company which today has €22 million in accumulated losses, despite f launting wealth and luxury cars EXCLUSIVE Hired Bentley: Grech and Borg (back seat) fly a drone and have their picture taken while in Las Vegas; Marvin Gaerty is in the driver's seat. He claims he never had any 'close friendship' with Borg Millions in pending bills: party stations owe ARMS €4.7m MATTHEW VELLA ELECTIONS are round the cor- ner and the propaganda from the Labour and Nationalist party stations will be exhorting voters by fanning the sins of the opposing party. But both TV stations today owe millions in unpaid elec- tricity bills to ARMS, the water and energy billing company, once again showing politi- cal parties to be less adept at keeping their own house in order. PAGE 3 Do women really ignore the alarm bells? MT2

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