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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 16 FEBRUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) Confront 5) Happy or content 9) Dinner prayer 14) It may let off a little steam 15) Be footloose 16) Plane device, back and forth 17) High school bookworm 18) Biblical victim 19) Squirrel's snack 20) Modern test subject 21) Limerick's land 23) Muslim greeting 25) Certain pronouns 26) Canny 29) Sales-kit item 33) Mortise mate 35) Spacious window 37) Use a knife and fork 38) Home's opposite 39) Codgers 40) Juan's abode 41) Albanian coin 42) Like a rock 43) Buenos ___, Argentina 44) Like noisy floorboards 46) Shark's back fin 48) Tucks' partners 50) Floodgate-opening sound 53) Rolling Stones classic 58) "Aye" canceler 59) Allocate 60) Like some bar signage 61) Four times around a common track 62) Making no sense 63) Uttered 64) Unexpected windfall 65) Some other time 66) Still-active volcano 67) Tolstoy's Karenina DOWN 1) Locates 2) Pro hoops locale 3) Brightly banded slitherer 4) Finish 5) Unit of weight (var.) 6) Ear projection 7) Attest 8) Airport headache 9) Occurring in small stages 10) Certain bias 11) Big deals 12) Baseball legend Yas- trzemski 13) It soars over shores 21) Make at work 22) Mislays 24) Ship shout 27) Sweater materia l, some- times 28) R2-D2 or C-3PO 30) Gibson garnish 31) Utilize a light ray 32) JAD postings 33) After-bath powder 34) Big-mouthed pitcher 36) "What good would ___?" 39) Web-footed rodent 40) "So long!" 42) Move along jumpily 43) Pallid 45) "I don't care who" 47) Landlocked African nation 49) Sight or hearing 51) Where to make waves? 52) Laughing canine 53) Bannister 54) Bone connected to the triceps 55) Utter like a sheep 56) Good thing to have on a train 57) Kill 61) CEO's degree, often Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 7 backing Northwest force 5 to 6 and becoming force 4 to 5 overnight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER WINDY MAINLY SUNNY 14 0 / 10 0 15 0 / 8 0 FEELS LIKE 11 0 FEELS LIKE 13 0 MATTHEW AGIUS AN appeals court has confirmed a €3,000 fine handed to a Vallet- ta shop owner over a Facebook comment directed at the pres- ident of NGO Repubblika but overturned his conviction for threatening the activist, ruling it time-barred. Last November, Joseph Camen- zuli of Mosta, who owns a clothes shop near parliament, had been fined and ordered to submit to a protection order after a magis- trate found him guilty of charges related to threats he had made under a Facebook post by Robert Aquilina. Using a fake Facebook profile under the name "Mario Borg," Camenzuli had written that "we are staying quiet until you make us angry…and you have already bothered me in Valletta and let me tell you, start being afraid when you're alone in Valletta." Aquilina had told the Court of Magistrates that posts of this na- ture had led him to require police protection. But Camenzuli had appealed the judgment, his lawyer David Gatt arguing that the charge of making threats was, in fact, time- barred. The appellant, who told the court that he had been "genu- inely insulted by what Aquilina had written about Labourites and their leadership" also argued that he "in no way imaginable" had insinuated that he would attack Aquilina, physically or otherwise, and that he was simply passing on a message. The judge noted that the appel- lant also appeared to be contest- ing the first court's evaluation of the facts and was arguing that the punishment imposed was exces- sive. Deciding the case, Madame Justice Consuelo Scerri Herrera disagreed with the assertion that the man's comments were open to interpretation. "The appellant's comment which he uploaded himself to Facebook appears to be clear and reflects the appellant's anger. It is not an excuse that the appellant wrote it in the heat of the mo- ment and this Court disagrees with the appellant's claim…that by his last sentence he had meant that the people outside Parlia- ment had started talking about him as if they were planning to do something to him." The judge upheld Camenzuli's first argument, that the charge re- lating to threats was time barred, and so overturned the conviction in that regard, but dismissed the rest of his appeal, confirming the €3,000 fine. Shop owner's guilty verdict for threatening Repubblika president overturned Repubblika president Robert Aquilina

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