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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 23 FEBRUARY 2022 ACROSS 1) "___ like old times" 6) "Fear of Fifty" author Jong 11) Endorsing 14) Like draft beer 15) Union group 16) "Anytown, ___" 17) Hold grudges 19) Blazing 20) French wine classifica- tion 21) Australian with three toes 22) Doctor's due 23) Pathetically inept person 27) Cardinal 29) Japanese tie 30) Focal device 32) One-eighth of a piece of eight 33) Faux ___ (blunder) 34) Moved stealthily 36) Latin music type 39) Chancellor von Bismarck 41) Three-tone chord 43) Holier-than-thou 44) Jockey's controls 46) Like brains and ears 48) Alter ___ 49) The moon in Paris 51) Double negative? 52) One of the Bobbsey Twins 53) Some wrestling holds 56) Prejudice 58) Historic time 59) Alternative to NC, once 60) Cleo's killer 61) Butter unit 62) Reason for many surger- ies 68) Brunched 69) Disease of cereals 70) Establish as law 71) ___ Altos, Calif. 72) Does a casino job 73) Disney duck DOWN 1) Weep 2) Memphis-to-Nashville dir. 3) Heathrow airport listing (Abbr.) 4) ChagalI and Antony 5) DNA shapes 6) Architectural annex 7) Propel a boat 8) More frigid and slippery 9) Less agitated 10) Hints at (with "to") 11) Feeling of satisfaction 12) Basket weaver's material 13) Appraised 18) Giving off light 23) Deep sleep 24) Diminish in intensity 25) Some purified liquids 26) Small projecting ridge 28) Cotswold cries 3J) Descendant or heir 35) Skewered fare 37) Common sweetener 38) Opposite of ecstasy 40) Unwelcome obligation 42) Rejection of a request 45) Emulated a bull 47) Iditarod vehicle 50) Curtain call 53) Country in the Himalayas 54) A Muse 55) ___ different tune (changed one's mind) 57) State one's views 63) Costa del ___ 64) "___ a deal!" 65) Shooter's marble 66) Bar rocks 67) Where bacon is stored? Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 7 backing Northwest force 5 to 6 and becoming force 4 to 5 overnight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER WINDY MAINLY SUNNY 14 0 / 10 0 15 0 / 8 0 FEELS LIKE 11 0 FEELS LIKE 13 0 LAURA CALLEJA THE Campus Book Festival will take place between 23 and 25 March, hosting a record num- ber of established publishers and booksellers for its ninth edition. The Campus Book Festival is the second biggest book festival in Malta, a collaborative effort between the NBC, UM Depart- ments, and student organisations to attract primarily tertiary stu- dents and the general public. The Campus Book Festival will be bringing together the publishers Faraxa Publishing, Horizons, Kite Group, Merlin Publishers, Klabb Kotba Maltin/ Midsea Books, Marvellous Malta and Malta University Press, as well as Mallia & D'Amato Booksellers, Inizjamed, Għaqda tal-Malti - Università, Malta Libraries, and Creative Europe Desk Malta. Fresh faces and a wider book selection Visitors will be able to enjoy a wider book selection on sale thanks to new collaborations forged on the occasion of Kampus Kotba. First-time exhibitors Mall- ia & D'Amato Booksellers, known for their loyal customer base and book curation, will be contribut- ing with their selection of world fiction and poetry books. Following their participation in the 2021 Malta Book Festi- val, Malta University Press – the scholarly publisher of the Uni- versity of Malta – will also be at the Campus Book Festival with their high-quality peer-reviewed academic works on Malta and the Mediterranean, which have a particular focus on the humanities and social sciences. The recently-established Mar- vellous Malta will also be present- ing festival visitors with its first publication in a series of photo- graphic books showcasing the natural beauty of Malta. Exhibitors at the Festival will be providing a book selection span- ning locally and internationally published novels, short-story and poetry collections, non-fiction, drama, translated works and YA literature, as well as works of re- search, Melitensia and more. Also, Kampus Kotba is an un- missable opportunity for students and the general public to catch up with the latest publications while also attending a discussion of interest from the Festival's pro- gramme. The National Book Council has also collaborated with Creative Europe Desk Malta on inviting the Festival's international guest: Irish author and winner of the Eu- ropean Union Prize for Literature in 2019 Jan Carson. The participation of Jan Carson at the Festival is a collaborative effort between the National Book Council and Creative Europe Desk Malta. Carson will participate in a book- club session and later join fellow Maltese EUPL winner Lara Calle- ja in conversation. In renewed col- laboration with Inizjamed, Kam- pus Kotba will be closing with an Open Mic - a space dedicated to readings and performances held on Friday evening. The full events programme, in- cluding book presentations, book club sessions, panel discussions on literature, philosophy and pub- lishing, and interviews with local and international authors, are be- ing published in the coming days. Campus Book Festival secures record number of publishers and booksellers The Campus Book Festival will take place between 23 and 25 March at the University of Malta

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