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2 maltatoday | SUNDAY • 27 FEBRUARY 2022 ELECTION 2022 Nicole Meilak's election week Golden passport to Europe MALTA'S citizenship-by-investment scheme came under public scrutiny again as the West plans sanctions against Russia for attacking Ukraine. Nationalist Party leader Bernard Grech said unvetted Russians ob- taining Maltese citizenship could pose a security threat to the country and to Europe. This sentiment was echoed by six NGOs and European Par- liament President Roberta Metsola. Meanwhile, Robert Abela insist- ed that the passport scheme is robust and enjoys strong due diligence policies and Chris Fearne defended the scheme for giving government a large revenue source. Traffic fines in the metaverse TWO proposals stuck out for the Na- tionalist Party over the first week of campaigning. Bernard Grech pledged to invest €1 billion across 10 new sec- tors, including in the elusive metaverse sector. This means €100 million per sector over the five-year legislature, or €20 million a year. While many of the sectors already exist, such as due dil- igence and the sports industry, Grech insisted that the PN will give these a more serious investment than that given by the Labour Party. It also pro- posed waiving traffic contraventions after a six-month period if no further infractions are committed. People were wary that the proposal would lead to anarchy in the streets, but Grech said he wants to give people a sec- ond chance. Labour emphasises greening LABOUR kicked off its campaign with a €700 pledge to invest in green- ing projects across village cores. One of its tools in the arsenal is to put car parks underground and trans- form existing car parks into green public spaces. It is also centering its campaign on the idea of giving pub- lic land back to the people. A week before the election Abela revealed that the American University of Malta will be transfer- ring its ownership of land at Żonqor Point back to government. It seems that this was a scene-setting ex- ercise – a week later, he said that plans for a Marsaskala yacht marina were scrapped. After the construction boom that took hold after 2013, not many trust Labour to turn Mal- ta into this green haven of public spaces. On the other hand, Labour has proven itself to be a party that can fulfil its electoral promises. Tears in Mellieha IT was waterworks in the 12th dis- trict PN stronghold of Mellieħa when PN leader Bernard Grech, during one of the PN's evening rallies on Friday, started crying as he recounted how his kindly neighbour, recently injured with a broken leg, was still cooking the Grech's family meals. So, not a man who is scared to show emotion. Even over such brave displays of good neighbourliness. Or Claudio Grech's resignation. Or upon opening the Mosta rally. Cassola wins political points in TM case INDEPENDENT candidate Arnold Cassola published an open letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday, out- lining what appeared to be a systematic cover-up of the be- haviour of a certain Transport Malta official. Cassola was quickly vindi- cated as police arraigned TM official Clint Axisa on charges of sexual har- assment after several female cowork- ers spoke out. ADPD launch campaign, but no manifesto 'GREEN Sweeps Clean' is the slogan for Malta's Green Party campaign. ADPD has 10 candidates running on the ADPD ticket, all of which are con- testing two districts. ADPD Chairper- son Carmel Cacopardo said the party will consider challenging the election result if ADPD wins a reasonable per- centage of votes but fails to elect a candidate to parliament. He insisted that the constitutional proportional- ity mechanism should kick in in such a case. Nuts and volts VOLT will only field one candidate in the election, running under the slogan 'Vote Better, Vote Volt'. The party is throwing its resources on candidate Thomas 'Kass' Mallia, who will contest on the 10th and 11th dis- tricts. It has since proposed a direct air link with North America to pro- mote quality tourism while attracting Maltese diaspora on the continent. What's happening on Sunday? THE Labour Party will be holding a rally in Naxxar at the Trade Fair Grounds (4pm). Bernard Grech will be 'under the tent' for a Nationalist Party event in Żurrieq (10:30am). What about tomorrow? THE Labour Party will be in Birkir- kara (6:30pm). The Nationalist Party will be in Paola (6pm). Arnold Cas- sola will be giving a live interview on Lovin Malta (5:30pm). Voting notices VOTERS who shall be abroad up to the 18 March 2022 and who shall be unable to vote on the 26 March 2022 due to hospitalisation or trav- el abroad, will be able to make the sworn declaration to apply to vote on the 19 March. This sworn application may be registered at the nearest Embassy or High Commission and the decla- ration of oath may be taken before a Commissioner for Oaths there. Applicants registered as voters in Malta shall vote at the Naxxar Count- ing Complex while voters registered in Gozo shall vote at the Government Experimental Farm in Xewkija, Gozo. Voting hours shall be from 7.00am to 10.00pm and voters must submit their Voting Document. A list of these Commissioners for Oaths may be viewed on the Electoral Commission's website https://elec- The sworn declaration (scanned) must be re- ceived by the Electoral Commission on the address advancedvoting.elec- by not later than noon (Malta time) of Friday, 18 March 2022. For every affidavit received, the Electoral Commission shall is- sue a receipt which will be sent on the e-mail address which the voter may wish to quote on the affidavit. Send us your alerts on or WhatsApp 79006845

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