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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT/NEWS/ELECTION-2022 maltatoday RUSSIAN AGGRESSION €1.95 GENERAL ELECTIONS 2022 SOCIAL MEDIA SPENDING Political parties hitting social media with big spend on adverts PG 12 ABDUCTION GANG PAGE 6 Courts hear new evidence on illegal employment PGS 14-15 SUNDAY • 6 MARCH 2022 • ISSUE 1166 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY KURT SANSONE THE Labour Party ends the second week of the electoral campaign with 53.4% of support and a nine-point lead over the Nationalist Party, MaltaTo- day's rolling survey shows. The PN's support runs at 44.4%, while third parties collectively garner 2.2% of the vote. The extrapolated result puts the gap between the two major parties at 27,265 votes, up from 22,645 last Sun- day but short of the 35,000 gap in the 2017 election. The results are based on an expected FULL SURVEY PAGES 8-9 Labour ahead by 27,000 votes as parties plateau MALTATODAY SURVEY Higher abstention rate than five years ago appears to be impacting the PL more than PN share of valid votes that equates to 85.7% of eligible voters. This is not the turnout figure but rather the basis on which an election is determined – valid votes cast. Abela's trust rating was of 43.2% while Bernard Grech trails at 29.9%. The Labour leader is trusted more than the Nationalist leader across all age groups, among men and women, and in all regions bar one. The gap between the leaders stands at 13.3 points. PL 53.4% - 162,357 votes PN 44.4% - 135,092 votes SMALL PARTIES 2.2% - 6,698 votes Gap PL-PN 9% - 27,265 votes MaltaToday survey projected election result 1220 respondents (21/2/22-4/3/22) • est. margin of error 2.8% • confidence 95% overall EXTRAPOLATED RESULT CORRUPTION STILL KEY CONCERN Labour might ride high, but the people know what its problem is LUKE VELLA MALTA prime minister Rob- ert Abela yesterday breathed a sigh of relief as arguably one of the biggest indictments on the Muscat legacy – the FATF greylisting of Malta – started showing prospects of a possi- ble delisting, earlier than ex- pected. Abela addressed the press with finance minister Clyde Caruana on Saturday, appeal- ing for caution as to Malta's eventual delisting but wel- coming the confirmation by the FATF's German presiden- cy that the island had com- pleted its action plan. PAGE 3 FATF greylist cloud lifts up gently for Abela SANCTIONS START BITING IN MALTA AS RUSSIAN INTERESTS ARE TARGETED PAGE 4 Echoes of 2017: From total war to a 'normal election'? PAGES 10-11

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