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MALTATODAY 13 March 2022

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Matthew Vella MaltaToday Editor LIFE satisfaction in Malta may be considered a given, accord- ing to research commissioned by the Faculty for Social Wellbeing: over 79% of Maltese respondents report they are either 'satisfied' or 'very satisfied' with life in gen- eral... and just under 5% think they are not. The feeling is widespread across various the whole Maltese social fabric. On average, most respondents asked to ranked their life satisfaction from 1 (not satisfied) to 5 (very satisfied), scored an average of 4.14. Indeed, no noticeable differ- ence in results is apparent be- tween the various social groups. The lowest averages for exam- ple, were seen in those not living with a partner (4.04) or those out of a job (4.04). Similarly, low averages could be seen among pensioners (4.06), those with a primary education (4.09), as well the retired (4.07). Perhaps the most satisfied of all can be said to be homemakers at an average of 4.38, high-income earners (4.20), married people (4.22), and those living in the northern region of Malta (4.25). Despite overall life satisfaction, respondents views were nuanced by the different stages and as- pects in their lives that brought them contentment. For example, respondents de- rived more life satisfaction from their family than their local community or financial situa- tion – a sign that family bonds provided more security to indi- viduals than the quality of life expected from outside the im- mediate family. Welcome to Unity! Celebrating 10 years of the Faculty for Social Wellbeing MEET OUR ACADEMIC STAFF • WHAT WE STAND FOR • OUR LATEST RESEARCH • THE PEOPLE WE SERVE Unity PRINTED WITH MALTATODAY SUNDAY 13 MARCH 2022 CELEBRATING 10 YEARS A SPECIAL EDITION FROM THE FACULTY FOR SOCIAL WELLBEING UNIVERSITY OF MALTA PAGES 10-11 The data bears it out: higher job satisfaction and financial security is found among those with tertiary education Happy? Education makes life easier

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