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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 6 APRIL 2022 ACROSS 1) Alpha's counterpart 6) Faux chocolate 11) 1/6 of an ounce (Abbr.) 14) Thesaurus man 15) Type of acid 16) "So there you are!" 17) It may form a crown 19) Bard's "above" 20) Deserving 21) A dot in the ocean 23) Apollo's sister 26) Expels, as a tenant 27) Like some winter blankets 28) Capital of Cuba 30) "Over the hill," in the military 31) Colony member of old 32) Unit named for a tele- phone pioneer 35) Snitch 36) Limerick writers, e.g. 38) Wedding words 39) "The Nanny" has three of them 40) Elephant's tiny kin 41) Fit of agitation 42) Old-time delivery person 44) Take your pick 46) Trample 48) Italian side dish 49) Fabric with pictorial de- signs 50) Grosse___, Mich. 52) Longtime Chinese chair- man 53) Was best in the Olympics 58) De-squeak 59) Invisible emanations around people 60) Missouri or Mississippi 61) Everyone 62) Some playing cards 63) Serpentine DOWN 1) Bit for the dog bowl 2) Sound heard in a dairy herd 3) Inflatable item 4) Kind of card 5) "Make yourself ___" 6) Pitches to one side 7) Baby's nurse, in China 8) Frost-laden 9) What the unified are 10) Venezuelan monetary units 11) Carpenter's storage place 12) Paper unit 13) Cities with piers 18) Ireland, romantically 22) Go astray, biblically 23) Not duped 24) "Laugh-In" co-host 25) Drummer's favorite candy? 26) "Glades" or "green" starter 28) "Masters of the Universe" fellow 29) Tip top 31) Vega's constellation 33) Royal order 34) People are picky about this game 36) Dimmer switch, e.g. 37) "Ave Maria," e.g. 41) Fizz ingredient 43) Accounting pro 44) Trigonometric function 45) Perfumery compounds 46) "Coming of Age in ___" (Margaret Mead book) 47) Hikers' path 48) Customary ceremonies 50) Hole in the skin 51) "Is that all right with you?" 54) Your and my 55) What aves lay 56) Albanian currency 57) Not wet at all Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly cloudy Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 7 backing Northwest force 5 to 6 and becoming force 4 to 5 overnight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER MAINLY CLOUDY MAINLY CLOUDY 16 0 / 10 0 16 0 / 10 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 FEELS LIKE 16 0 PN insists PBS political imbalance case must continue even with election over MATTHEW AGIUS LAWYERS representing the Nationalist Party have insisted in court that the Constitutional case filed by the party against the Broadcasting Authority was still relevant despite the general election now having passed, ar- guing that political imbalance at the national broadcaster con- tinued to affect the PN. The case continued today be- fore Mr Justice Grazio Mercie- ca. As the sitting began, the BA's lawyer, Professor Ian Refalo, suggested to the court that the case was less urgent in view of the fact that the election was over. Lawyer Paul Borg Olivier, appearing for the PN together with lawyer Francis Zammit Dimech, vociferously disagreed, arguing that the size of the elec- toral majority was immaterial to the issue at hand, which was unbalanced political broadcast- ing. The lawyer criticised the authority for "making every ef- fort to drag out the case." Professor Refalo informed the court that the BA would be filing a note in the acts of the case later this week, in which it would inform the court wheth- er it had any further evidence. Lawyer Edward Gatt, ap- pearing for PBS, together with lawyer Mark Vassallo, told the judge that the TV station had no further evidence from his end. The case had also been filed against the minister under whose remit the public broad- caster fell at the time, Carmelo Abela. Although elected to Par- liament, Abela was not given a ministerial post in the present cabinet. In view of this, the law- yers asked the court to modify the acts of the case to reflect this development. The case continues on 21 April.

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