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€1.50 THURSDAY 28 APRIL 2022 • ISSUE 153 WWW.BUSINESSTODAY.COM.MT PAGE 5 PAGE 11 PAGE 3 Edward Scicluna says government subsidies cannot last forever After Elon Musk's Twitter purchase news, Tesla stock loses $126 billion in one day Five-Star award for Iniala Harbour House, Corinthia Palace secures Four-Star rating STAR PERFORMER MSE FTSE 100 EUR EXCHANGE RATES Trading Date: 27 Apr 2022 Number of Trades: 84 Turnover: €5,189,111.11 MSE TRX Index: 7,583.332 (Change: +0.261%) Name 4.8% MMHF PLC MT0001241208 - Currency € Last Traded 27 Apr, 2022 Price 101.790 Change 1.760 US Dollar 1.0656 British Pound: 0.84533 Japanese Yen: 136.86 Australian Dollar: 1.4897 Swiss Franc: 1.0241 7,425.61 39.52 7,458.24 / 7,344.89 Value Net variation High / Low 0.53% PAUL COCKS GOVERNMENT cannot be ex- pected to protect consumers in- definitely in the face of rising en- ergy and commodities prices, the governor of the Central Bank of Malta told Business Today. Asked if the government could afford to keep on subsidising en- ergy prices - and now introduc- ing new subsidies on the price of wheat imports following the Rus- sian invasion of Ukraine - Prof. Edward Scicluna said it is up to the government to determine what it can afford. e governor of the Central Bank of Malta says consumers must accept reality and recognise price hikes as a sign to curb use FORBES TRAVEL GUIDE Central Bank governor Edward Scicluna

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