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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT PAGES 8-9 CHOICE MATTERS SUNDAY • 8 MAY 2022 • ISSUE 1175 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY PAGE 10 PHOTOGRAPHY JAMES BIANCHI maltatoday Fertility doctors say it is time to move to new phase in Malta IVF rules PAGES 10-11 €1.95 Dr Nathalie Psaila 'Someone you love has had an abortion' MT2 INTERVIEW High non-compliance rate as maximum residue levels are 7 times EU average PAGE 6 More supermarket debt: Schembri and 'Maksar' ruse to claw back millions MATTHEW VELLA THE businessman who acquired the More super- markets chain from Ryan Schembri claims the fu- gitive supermarket boss conspired with 'Maksar' gang suspect Adrian Agi- us to bleed the company of €3.5 million, by using two name-lenders to file bogus claims in court. Darren Casha, the owner of the Medasia restaurant in Gzira, claimed in a De- cember 2014 affidavit that Schembri and Agius had roped in two men to cre- ate a constitution of debt for €2 million and €1.5 million against the su- permarket chain, without having such authority. But Casha also says the alleged loans to Ryan Schembri, ostensibly for the supermarket's ex- pansion into Libya, were made by the two men, Edmond Mugliett and Al- exander Farrugia, in the name of other mystery lenders. Yet, their identi- ties or their legal interest has so far, not been estab- lished. "It seems other compa- nies gave Mugliett and Farrugia instructions to pass on the money, with- out us knowing who they are or for what. How have these companies not presented themselves personally to claim their dues?... there's nothing in More's records of dealings with either Mugliett or Farrugia," Casha stated. "To me this was another confirmation that this was Schembri's ruse, and that Mugliett and Farrugia are involved with him in a bid to take from More Super- markets something they are not entitled to." PAGE 5 MALTA PESTICIDES ALERT More Supermarkets investor accused Ryan Schembri and Adrian Agius of attempting to create 'fake' debt to extract €3.5 million from bankrupt chain Ryan Schembri leaving the law courts where he was chagred with fraud and money laundering Flying to Gozo more than double emissions of cars driving from MIA JAMES DEBONO AN environment impact as- sessment for a proposed Gozo airstrip confirms that carbon emissions will increase if the planes operating the service use jet fuel. They carbon emissions gener- ated will be more than double the emissions of cars travelling from the Malta airport to Gozo. The EIA confirms that the proposed airfield in Gozo will introduce a new source of car- bon emissions from aircraft, if the Xewkija helipad is extended into a 450m runway suitable for small aircraft. Although no agricultural land will be used to extend the run- way, this does not exclude oth- er significant impacts like those on Malta's climate change commitments. To mitigate this major im- pact, the EIA recommends that the air service provider be "en- couraged" to adopt "an all-elec- tric aircraft fleet by 2025" by including such a provision in the tender document for the selection of the prospective op- erator. IVF: Future Changes Citizens map out EU future PAGES 14-15 Editorial MT2

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