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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 1 JUNE 2022 ACROSS 1) Scattered 6) Washington's veep 11 ) Hardly an angel 14) Religious maxims 15) Plant with two seed leaves 16) Romanian currency 17) Film featuring dark humor 19 ) Circle segment 20) Electric fish 21) Dream period, for short 22) Org. in "The Bourne Identity" 23) Fix deeply and firmly 27) Cut of meat 29) Longtime Chinese Chairman 30) Muslim VIP 32) Earns after taxes 33) Feel pain, perhaps 34) Papas' partners 36) Create an obst ruction, in a way 39) Is on the go 41) Heavy, inert gas 43) Taunting remark 44) "Life of Riley" character Digger 46) "Three's Company" landlord 48) Little piggie, for one 49) Film ___ (bleak movie) 51) Investment firm T. ___ Price 52) Malcolm's sitcom dad 53) Smoothed feathers 56) Puts in a whole new light 58) Grazing locale 59) Animal that beats its chest 60) Patch of lawn 61) Chang's twin 62) Like some jackets or belts 68) ___ Paese cheese 69) Bar, legally 70) "101 Dalm atians" Dal- matian 71) Full-grown sheep 72) Sordidly unpleasant 73) Hidden obstacles DOWN 1) Clerical robe 2) Capitol fig. 3) Khan's title 4) Kitchen gadget 5) Get in one's sights 6) "Much ___ About Nothing" 7) Kind of wit or view 8) Like lemon juice 9) In step with the times 10) Left clueless 1I) Hammer and anvil users 12) High flier's home 13) Gold coin ofold 18) Crescendo 23) Insect stage 24) Water-loving nymph 25) Colorful bird of prey? 26) Finger-pointer 28) Large male deer 31) Mount Vernon, for one 35) Deep sleep 37) Sub in WWII 38) Prepares to eat an orange 40) ___ gin fizz 42) Chimney dirt 45) Article lengths, in printing 47) Earns back 50) Calm state 53) Annapolis freshman 54) Keep the subscription 55) Mississippi formation 57) Annex 63) Champagne title 64) Gather intelligence 65) Criminologist's clue, for short 66) Chick-to-be 67) Two in Mexico Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Fair Visibility Good Wind South Southeast force 4 becoming force 4 to 5 Sea Slight TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER FAIR PARTLY CLOUDY 31 0 / 20 0 28 0 / 20 0 FEELS LIKE 31 0 FEELS LIKE 28 0 NEWS Man fined €2,000 over unregistered leopard A 33-year-old man from Zebbug has been fined €2,000 after being found guilty of having failed to register his pet leopard with the authorities. This emerged from a judge- ment handed down this morn- ing by Magistrate Gabriella Vel- la against Eric Attard, who had been charged with keeping an unregistered dangerous animal, failing to house it in a zoologi- cal establishment and that the animal's enclosure had not been inspected or approved by the au- thorities. Attard had also been charged with recidivism, having been convicted of raising unregis- tered cougar cubs in 2019, for which he had been conditionally discharged. Attard had pleaded guilty to the charges, bar that of recid- ivism, of which he was acquit- ted due to lack of evidence. The prosecution and the Director of Veterinary Services had with- drawn their request for the seizure of the leopard, after in- forming the court that the man had registered it with the au- thorities during the course of the proceedings against him. Finding the man guilty upon his own admission and in view of the early guilty plea, the court imposed a fine of €2,000, to be paid in monthly instalments within 10 months. Lawyer Veronique Dalli ap- peared for Attard. Four men grievously injured after altercation in St Julian's FOUR men are in hospital with grievous injuries following an altercation in St Julian's early on Tuesday. Police said that at around 4:15am, an argument between a group of men erupted at Triq San Ġorġ, where allegedly, a sword and glass objects were used. A medical team and a num- ber of ambulances were called for assistance. Four men, a 36-year-old Libyan, a 24-year- old Iranian, a 28-year-old from England and another whose identity is still unknown, were taken to Mater Dei hospital for treatment. They were all certified as suf- fering from grievous injuries. Another five people are be- ing question by the police and Magistrate Elaine Mercieca launched an inquiry into the case.

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