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2 NEWS maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 8 JUNE 2022 2 NEWS Letter of Intention The Director Brandon Muscat of 369 Malta PVT Ltd, declare their intention for the company to register for an Employment Agency licence in accordance to article 23 of the Employment and Training Services Act, 1990 (Act XXVIII of 1990). The activities proposed to be carried out are the following: 1. Recruitment Consultancy 2. Interviewing, selection and placements of candidates in employment 3. Recruitment of persons from abroad to employment in Malta or in an EU member state 4. Recruitment of persons in Malta for employment in Malta or in an EU member state 5. Advertising of the filling of vacancies 6. Keeping a register of applicants for employment Official Registered Office Address is at: 30, Kenilworth, Flat 3, Sir Augustus Bartolo Street, Ta Xbiex XBX 1093, Malta . The Office Address of the premises at which the employment agency or employment business is to be carried out is located at: 228 , Upper St. Albert street , Gzira GZR1152 - Company Registration Number: C100289 ____________________ Brandon Muscat - Director- 369 Malta PVT Ltd Cassola tells non-voters: 'talk to me' KURT SANSONE ARNOLD Cassola will continue his political work and is inviting non-voters to talk to him after achiev- ing the best election result for an independent candi- date since 1951. His appeal is to the 60,000 voters who stayed at home or cancelled their vote in March's general elec- tion, which saw the Labour Party win by a landslide. Cassola contested as an independent on the 10th and 11th districts, obtaining a combined vote tally of 904 on the first count in an election that saw more than 9,000 voters opt for independents and third par- ties. "I will continue my political work for the welfare of the country, strengthened by the result I had. I invite you to speak to me. There's a lot to discuss and plan together, and I'm sure you have a lot to offer," Casso- la said in his appeal to non-voters. The former Alternattiva Demokratika chair said that "something has happened that has never hap- pened before", noting the lowest election turnout ev- er and the high percentage of annulled votes. "One in five voters this year has sent a message that they are unhappy with the way things are going. At the same time, despite this vote, everything has re- mained the same. The third party, despite a national quota, remains unrepresented in parliament… Life goes on, but what happened in the last election has not gone unnoticed," Cassola said. He urged abstainers and those who voted different- ly for the first time to approach him. "I'm interested in hearing your views," he said. Independent candidate Arnold Cassola on the campaign trail in the last election CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Rokku Autodealer of Għax- aq and Tal-Qasab Autosales of Qormi are the car dealer- ships behind this racket but it remains to be seen whether others are also involved. The tampering of mileage gauge is facilitated by lax controls when the cars are of- floaded at the Grand Harbour and when dealers go to regis- ter the vehicles with Trans- port Malta. In an exclusive report on Sunday, MaltaToday revealed how hundreds of consumers were sold second-hand Japa- nese cars with tampered mile- age gauges. Rokku Autodealer is oper- ated by Roderick Vella and Tal-Qasab Autosales is oper- ated by brothers Chris Spiteri and Alex Spiteri. Both have denied wrongdoing and have refrained from commenting. However, in initial com- ments to MaltaToday before referring the matter to his lawyer, Vella blamed the sto- ry on other dealers who were trying to tarnish his name. "I don't stand to benefit from such acts." But despite his denials, when contacted by customers over the mileage discrepancy, Vel- la is telling them to go to his shop so that a solution can be reached. MaltaToday is informed that some customers have re- turned their vehicle and have been given monetary com- pensation. But this is not the case for all customers, with some still in disbelief over the auto dealers' deceit. A couple who wished to re- main anonymous had each bought a Mazda Demio from Tal-Qasab, but when compar- ing the original JEVIC certif- icate to the log book details, they found a discrepancy of 51,000km and 25,000km re- spectively. Another customer who reached out to this newspaper said he was sold a Toyota Re- gius van that was advertised at 98,470km by Rokku Auto- dealer. The JEVIC data base showed that in fact the truck actually had 266,751km on it – a discrepancy of almost 170,000km. "This is incredible," he said, letting out a string of exple- tives when he found out about the extent of the deceit. One customer who was sold a Mazda Demio Skyactive by Rokku, said she had bought the car at €10,000, after it was advertised at 27,000km. In fact, the JEVIC certificate showed a mileage of around 84,000km. "It looked like a bargain but what am I supposed to do? I will be speaking to my lawyer, but if he sold hundreds of cars like this, how can we expect any sort of compensation?" she said. For his 19th birthday, one customer who reached out to this newspaper had bought a Suzuki Swift from Rokku, which was being advertised at 40,000km. When carrying out the ver- ifications, the JEVIC certifi- cate showed an actual mileage of 118,000km. "He screwed me over big time. Let's say he compen- sates me for the car, what if I want to resell it? Am I sup- posed to screw people over in the same way he screwed me?" he said. "They should be ashamed of themselves." The list of customers who were duped by the racket goes on, and as the days go by, more people are facing the realisation that they were sold a car that was tampered with. Victims of two car dealers who were sold vehicles with tampered mileage are being urged to contact the consum- er authority with details of their case as numbers balloon. The appeal was made by Consumer Protection Minis- ter Julia Farrugia Portelli and the association representing used car importers. Farrugia Portelli called on people who have found ev- Customers large discrepancies

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