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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT PAGE 6 SUNDAY • 12 JUNE 2022 • ISSUE 1180 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday The rogue conservatism which keeps defining the PN PAGE 10-11 GENETIC TESTING OF EMBRYOS Up by €1... edible oil's price warning €1.95 NATIONAL HEROES! Mechanic behind mileage tampering denies knowledge of used car scam Pinch on the pocket: war pushes up grocery prices KURT SANSONE YOUR home-made stir fry has just become more expensive to cook with the price of vegetable oil jumping up as a result of Rus- sia's invasion of Ukraine. A one-litre bottle of edible oil has risen by as much as €1 in some in- stances over a matter of weeks as exports from Ukraine, the world's largest producer of sunflower oil, ground to a halt. This has pushed prices of sunflower oil and alternatives up. Concern over rising food prices more than doubles in two months as food inf lation fries purses Fr COLIN APAP "When people live in a bubble long enough, even the truth sounds like a lie" MT2 PAGE 10-11 mt survey Ukraine is the world's largest producer of sunflower oil But the Russian invasion and war has ground its sunflower production to a halt... Prices are soaring for wheat, vegetable oil, corn, and grains, and Maltese consumers are feeling the pinch each time they go to the supermarket On IVF, the PN has painted itself into a corner EDITORIAL MT2 A different view Japanese used car scam: police inquiries continue with mechanic San Gwann mechanic used by Tal-Qasab dealership claims he was fooled into thinking mileage correction issues were genuine, but defends dealerships "You have no idea of the damage you are causing... haven't they suffered enough? Haven't they gotten their punishment?" KARL AZZOPARDI ONE of the mechanics behind the tampering of odometers in a racket which has seen hun- dreds tricked into buying cars older than as declared by sell- ers, is claiming ignorance about the intentions of the dealerships that sought his services. Last week MaltaToday re- vealed how Rokku Autodealer and Tal-Qasab Autosales were behind the racket that saw hundreds of customers cheat- ed when purchasing Japanese imported second-hand cars. The dealers tampered with the vehicle mileage and used forged certificates to get Transport Malta's seal of ap- proval when registering the vehicles. GRAFFITTI STORM COMINO TO RECLAIM PUBLIC'S ACCESS TO SHORELINE PAGE 2 PAGES 12-13

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