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maltatoday | SUNDAY • 3 JULY 2022 COMMENT What are we skinning? The humbling fallibility of the Attorney General's office. Why are we skinning it? Be- cause it serves as a healthy reminder that we are all humans who make mistakes, even those at the highest echelons of Malta's legal infrastructure. This is both humbling and reassuring, and therefore a boon in our ongoing efforts at self-care during tough times. Sounds nice. Was this some kind of government-spon- sored wellbeing initiative? If it was, I personally find it nothing if not utterly commendable. I'm all for my tax money actually going to a useful initiative that can help me feel better about myself and my shortcom- ings. Didn't Robert Musumeci – that other great soother of many a developers' mind – in fact say that the Robert Abela administration was all about acknowledging that people are 'imperfect' and should be given a break from time to time? Yes, and here we finally have that theory crystallised in deci- sive practice. Neither is it surprising that the former president of Malta is running an entire foundation based on the concept of wellbeing. Yes, because while the likes of Musumeci carry on steam- rolling across our natural environment – the availa- bility of green spaces being a proven, key component of ensuring the wellbeing of a population – we can take solace in her speeches and photo opportunities to salve our despair. And in the meantime, the Attorney General's office reminds us that if we make any logistical judgements or ethical errors of judgement, we will find an empathetic ear among the occupants of its august office. Indeed: the collapse of two key cases – the alleged bribery of a journalist, along with an extradition attempt of a sus- pected Maltese drug dealer from Italy to Malta – on the basis of misfiled paperwork by the AG's office is just the kind of 'whoopsie' we can all relate to. The Labour administration always did make a big thing about being 'close to the people'. This is not quite what I personally had in mind when I heard that, but it's always nice to be surprised by political developments in one's home country. But will this be it? Or will the AG be helping our wellbeing some more in the near fu- ture? Well, Caqnu's just been arrested. I would bet a (tiny, nay miniscule) fraction of his unpaid taxes on another inspirational and deeply teachable mistake heading our way pretty soon. Do say: "A consistent streak of supposed or actual administrative errors from the Attorney General's office cannot but stand as a deeply worrying snapshot of the dysfunctional state of our institutions, no matter how the overarching – and often overdone – political rhetoric chooses to paper over it." Don't say: "In a time of in- flation and another looming financial crisis, perhaps scrapping the office of the Attorney General altogether would be the kindest cut of all?" MIRIAM DALLI There's value in key values PAGE 13 The Skinny Malta, shrunk down MICHAEL FALZON A convenient technicality PAGE 7 No 146 – The Humbling Fallibility of the AG's Office JOSANNE CASSAR As prices keep going up, will our lifestyles eventually come crashing down? PAGE 6 EDITORIAL No 'Green Deal' without pain PAGE 2 SAVIOUR BALZAN No country for pregnant women PAGE 5 This is what ESG is all about: investing in the future of our companies to ensure that they can do well for their shareholders whilst doing good for the broader community

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