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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 6 JULY 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Luxurious health re- treats 5) Rubber tube 9) City near Great Salt Lake 14) Walesa of Poland 15) Great Lake 16) 66, for one 17) Geometry calculation 18) 100 dinars 19) Athletic shoe attachment 20) Stuffed things 23) Head out to sea 24) Line up the crosshairs 25) Abscam investigator 28) Well-chilled 31) Banned bug-killer 34) Permitted by law 36) "___ for the money ..." 37) Callas number 38) Stuffed things 42) Insect feeler 43) "Are we there ___?" 44) Brown shade 45) Crafty, like a fox 46) Become extinct 49) How-___ (instructional books) 50) Cafeteria dispenser 51) "If all ___ fails ..." 53) Stuffed things 61) Lacking human warmth 62) Early bird's breakfast 63) Pesky insect 64) European ermine 65) Garden with a snake 66) Volcanic discharge 67) Wrongful acts, in law 68) Hindu outfit 69) Picture pitcher DOWN 1) Noisy closing 2) Andean land 3) "Bullets," to a poker player 4) Persian pooh-bahs 5) Medal-worthy 6) Baltimore pro 7) "The King and I" king- dom 8) Sea wrigglers 9) Prom dress ornament, often 10) Robot of Jewish folklore 11) Hamilton vs. Burr, for one 12) And others, for short 13) Shows a profit of 21) Indian yogurt dish 22) City of witch hunts 25) Pilots let them down 26) Twofold 27) Without compassion 29) Terra-___ (fired clay) 30) Lennon's wife 3I) French right 32) San ___ , Calif. 33) Uses a stun gun on 35) Sitter's handful 37) Donned the feedbag 39) Flunking a polygraph 40) "Amazing Grace" verse ender 41) Deep gulf 46) Pub servings 47) One donning something 48) Homecoming game attendee 50) Subsurface war vessel 52) Apollo 11 moon lander 53) It protects a break 54) Choir voice 55) Ill-mannered lout 56) Mother sheep 57) Bar mixer 58) Work on a bone, dog- style 59) Roofer's repair site 60) Five-pointed figure F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Fine, locally partly to rather cloudy at first and overnight Visibility Moderate becoming good Wind West to Northwest force 3 locally force 4 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER HOT & SUNNY HOT & SUNNY 35 0 / 24 0 35 0 / 25 0 FEELS LIKE 36 0 FEELS LIKE 36 0 A campaign teaching teenagers about responsible internet use has reached over 6,000 students aged 11-15 in 300 workshops over two years. 'Logging-Off', an educational campaign produced and fund- ed by Fundacion Mapfre, raises awareness about internet ad- diction among school children through workshops streamed live into a classroom via interac- tive whiteboard technology. This way students receive a fun and interactive lesson on healthy in- teraction with the online world. The internet is continually evolving and when harnessed can lead to great and positive changes in the world. Yet inter- net addiction may also lead to depression and anti-social be- haviour among other things. Throughout the campaign, COVID regulations impeded Logging Off facilitators from en- tering the classrooms physical- ly. This was however mitigated through a further investment in high quality conferencing cam- eras and microphones that made engaging virtual interaction pos- sible. As part of Logging Off's educa- tional materials, a short come- dic film featuring James Ryder and Thomas Camilleri was also produced. The film was used to break the ice through laughter while also serving as a spring- board into various avenues of conversation in relation to the topic. 'Logging Off' was extremely well received by students, teach- ers and administrators alike. The campaign's success further motivated Fundacion MAPFRE to create even more education- al materials related to this cam- paign. The new content covers topics such as online bullying, internet privacy and even sex- ting and are a great resource for anyone looking for tools to edu- cate young people on the subject of internet use. Children and internet addiction MAPFRE provides online educational materials Fundación MAPFRE's Logging-Off campaign raises awareness about internet addiction amongst school children

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