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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 13 JULY 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) "Cinderella" event 5) Beat one's ___ (jabber) 9) Jack Homer's fruits 14) Opera tenor's tune 15) Cast-of-thousands film 16) Like Halloween sounds 17) The IT department manages it 20) Registers register them 21) Foot-activated devices 22) Stagnation 25) Grig, when grown 26) Eyeball-bending draw- ings 28) Till contents 32) One in agreement 37) Steak condiment 38) Question upon meeting a stranger 41) "... with ___ in sight" 42) Gross out 43) Installs a ready-made lawn 44) Sounds the bells 46) "As to" 47) Seemingly without end 53) Extremely delicate, as beauty 58) Like many marsh plants 59) Not what it once was 62) Sheds tears 63) Fiendish or wicked 64) Do a lawn job 65) "Faster!" 66) Melon protector 67) Changes colour, in a way DOWN 1) Low guys at the opera 2) Indo-European 3) Cotton thread used for hosiery 4) Procrastinator's promise 5) Valuable stone 6) ___ and downs 7) Atomizer output 8) Basket maker? 9) "She loves me" decider 10) More than risque 11) Caspian Sea tributary 12) Deep mud 13) Calls, in poker 18) Maximal suffix 19) Yard divisions 23) Minute amount 24) Impersonator 27) Building used for sports 28) Upscale eatery 29) Luminous surrounding 30) Dund ee native 31) Deep red blood pig- ment 32) Grain beards 33) "Vamoose!" 34) Watennelon discard 35) "East" or "west" endings 36) Flanders of animation 37) Pension starter? 39) Harvard rival 40) Topple from power 44) Jury member, essential- ly 45) Pencil attachment 46) Commonplace, as writing 48) Bungle up 49) Didn't stay divorced 50) Poverty-stricken 51) "Time is money" e.g. 52) Harps' older relatives 53) Make impressions? 54) Drive-___ 55) Elder son, often 56) Still-life pitcher 57) Name on many jeans' labels 60) "Jaws" sighting 61) Like a centenarian F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Fine, locally partly to rather cloudy at first and overnight Visibility Moderate becoming good Wind West to Northwest force 3 locally force 4 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER SUNNY MAINLY SUNNY 32 0 / 22 0 32 0 / 22 0 FEELS LIKE 33 0 FEELS LIKE 32 0 MATTHEW AGIUS IN one of the stranger crimes reported this year, a Bulgarian couple in their 50s have admitted to breaking into a parked car in Bugibba and placing their belong- ings inside it, after their hotel asked them to leave. Plamen Goralov, 56, and Penka Kon- stantinova Goralova, 54, appeared in the dock before magistrate Lara Lanfranco this afternoon, charged with causing €651 worth of damage to the vehicle in ques- tion. Inspector George Frendo explained to the court that the couple had been thrown out of their hotel in Bugibba on 7 July. No reason for their eviction was disclosed in today's sitting, but on that date, the police had received a report from an individual who had returned to his parked car and found that it had been damaged. He also noted items which didn't belong to him on the seat, as well as traces of blood. The couple were arrested when, later on that day, they returned to the vehicle to collect their belongings. Guralova, told the court that she lived in a hotel in Bugibba and was unemployed. She pleaded guilty. Her husband, Goralov, who was ob- served to be shaking throughout the sit- ting, gave the same address. Asked what his job was, the frail-looking bespectacled man replied "builder." He also pleaded guilty. The court gave the couple time to re- consider their guilty plea, instructing their legal aid lawyer to consult with and advise them. After several minutes, the accused cou- ple confirmed their admission of guilt. In its submissions on punishment, the prosecution asked the court to order the couple to compensate the vehicle's owner for the damage they caused, adding that they had no record of previous crimi- nal convictions. "A suspended sentence would be sufficient," submitted the in- spector. Lawyer Martin Matthew Farrugia, as- sisting the defendants, added that the man had shown remorse in his statement and that they had admitted at the earliest stage of proceedings. He suggested the damage be paid for in monthly instalments of €50, but the court pointed out that such a small sum would not cover the damage caused in the six- month window allowed by law, "not even in a year," observed the magistrate. The lawyer explained that the defend- ants were hard up and that is what they had told him they could afford. After con- sulting with his clients again, Farrugia in- formed the court that they were willing to pay €100 per month. The magistrate pointed out that €110 would cover the damages in exactly six months, otherwise the injured party would be entitled to file proceedings of his own, which could land the defendants in prison anyway. The defendants agreed to pay that sum. Magistrate Lanfranco sentenced the couple to nine months in prison, sus- pended for 18 months and ordered them to refund €651.62 to the owner within the space of the next six months, in monthly installments. The magistrate warned the couple of the consequences of this judgment, warning them to stay out of trouble. Middle-aged couple admit to breaking into parked car in Bugibba after expulsion from hotel The couple was charged with causing €651 worth of damage to a vehicle

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