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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 31 JULY 2022 • ISSUE 1187 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday Strike and solidarity Cheap fuel stopped for superyacht scroungers NICOLE MEILAK FRAUDULENT labour recruitment in Malta remained a significant con- cern for the US State Department, as flagged in its annual Trafficking in People report for 2022. The report points to illegal recruit- ment fees, the nature of work permits, and a lack of oversight on massage parlours as areas of concern in Malta's labour market vis-a-vis human traf- ficking. In 2021, Malta's national employ- ment authority reportedly conducted 1,400 routine inspections on employ- ers, with a focus on employment con- tracts and basic employment condi- tions. But government did not report on whether labour inspectors received specialised training to identify traf- ficking victims, identified any traffick- ing victims, or referred any cases for investigation. €1.95 Slow justice is black mark on Maltese fight against human trafficking Human traffic PAGE 3 MATTHEW VELLA SUPERYACHT brokers have been busy firing off calls to the rich owners of some of the largest boats in the Mediterranean Sea, to sail down to Malta and avail them- selves of subsidised diesel fuel for their seacraft. But the government was forced to hit back and stop the sale of this diesel, after millions in eu- ros in diesel subsidies were effec- tively 'lost' to these superyachts over the past months. A new legal notice introduced this week effectively stopped the sale of diesel that is not priced at market rates to superyachts. Over 8% say they agree with abortion, and over 27% agree in 'particular cases' SURVEY PAGE 8 Maltese businesses still think corruption does not go unpunished PAGE 2 Business corruption PAGE 4 mt survey Superyachts attracted to Malta by brokers alerting them to subsidised fuel, force government to stop diesel sales to pleasure- craft industry unless at market rates ABORTION MARIO MALLIA Sacked headmaster who received nationwide support for his dedicate service INTERVIEW MT2 How 500 Bolt couriers went on strike without a union PAGE 12

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