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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 7 SEPTEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Speak in the Senate 6) Upside-down sixes 11) Luau instrument, brie fly 14) DNA curve 15) Take in, as a stray cat 16) Keanu in "The Matrix" 17) Repeatedly 19) Last mo. 20) It may have an attach- ment 21) Oregon city 23) Chip veggie 26) Satie or Estrada 28) Erin of "Happy Days" 29) Two or more eras, in geology 30) Zig's companion 32) Complexion affliction 33) What a cow chews 34) Type of lens 38) Fast vibrato, in music 40) Clergymen 43) Make a copy of 45) Hawaii's Mauna ___ 46) Turkish high official (var.) 48) Get ___ for effort 49) Dusk, poetically 50) Bank offerings 52) Vegas machine 55) Bettor's numbers 56) Back of a saddle 58) Tie ___ (get smashed) 60) Antiquated 61) Go beyond mere ac- complishment 66) Brooks Brothers buy 67) Brilliantly smart people 68) Aesop's point 69) TV star Danson 70) Disrespectful expression 71) Doberman's warning DOWN 1) Taunting exclamation 2) Accelerate, as an engine 3) Pub serving 4) Exhausted 5) Questions at school? 6) Opposite of apex 7) Put on a pedestal 8) A 30-day mo. 9) Certain sword 10) Play the guitar, in a way 11) Taken off the stove too soon 12) Character actor Wynn 13) "Dawn of the mammals" epoch 18) Scot's "not" 22) Billy and nanny 23) Little faith? 24) Decant 25) Deceitful 27) Phi Beta___ 31) Ganges access 34) Hig hest point 35) "Enchanted" girl in a 2004 movie 36) Gird one's _ 37) Metal-in-the-raw 39) Should have said 41) Require 42) ___ serif (font choice) 44) A diet soda may have one 46) Author of "Little Wom- en" 47) Crucial soccer position 51) Trudges through mud 53) Live, in a TV studio 54) Lt. Columbo, e.g. 55) Bulb that makes one cry 57) Smooth out 59) Electrical resistance units 62) Vane dir. 63) Pitcher's stat 64) (alternate sp.), in cross- word clues 65) 90-degree letter F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy and locally misty at first, becoming fine Visibility Good, locally moderate at first Wind West to Northwest force 3 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER HOT & SUNNY HOT & SUNNY 36 0 / 25 0 35 0 / 26 0 FEELS LIKE 38 0 FEELS LIKE 37 0 HEALTH and Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne an- nounced on Twitter that Malta will be donating medical supplies as humanitarian aid to flood-hit Pakistan. The south Asian country has been hit with the deadliest floods in five years which have killed more than 1,300 people and affected at least 33 million, or 15% of the population. It is estimated that the floods have caused at least €10 billion in damages to infrastructure, homes and farms. Record torrential rainfall and melting glaciers in Pakistan's northern mountains led to dev- astating floods and submerged almost a third of the country's territory underwater. Unicef, the United Nations' children agency stated that more children were at risk of dying from diseases, due to a shortage of clean water. Aurélie Godet, a press officer with Médecins du Monde, told CNN that many children were going to their clinics with se- vere injuries on their feet, as they had no shoes. She explained that some peo- ple could not afford their reg- ular medicine due to price in- creases in medicine and food. According to the charity or- ganisation Action Against Hunger, 27 million people in the country did not have access to enough food prior the floods. The disaster further sparked the debate on climate change and ecological responsibility, as Pakistan produces less than 1% of the global greenhouse gas emissions but is extremely vul- nerable to the effects of climate change. Malta to donate medical supplies to flood hit Pakistan More than 1,300 people have died after record torrential rainfall and melting glaciers led to Pakistan's worst f loods in five years

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