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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 14 SEPTEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Spanish dwelling 5) ___ myrtle 10) Ship's post 14) Unknown quote source, for short 15) Edmonton pro 16) Asian housemaid 17) Thirty-two-card game 18) Lasting impressions 19) "Batman" cartoonist Bob 20) Some quick breakfast orders 23) Capital of Rhone 24) Regular writing 25) Carpenters' grooves 28) Helen of ___ 30) "... and make it fast!" 31) Expressed awe 33) Bloo ming loop 36) It's indexed? 40) Sailor's "yes " 41) Attempts at waist remov- al? 42) Perfect, as one's skills 43) What wavy lines in com ics represent 44) Keeps smiling 46) Hindu sage 49) Shish ___ 51) Bogus monetary unit 57) Stir up sediment 58) Abdominal ailment 59) It can be good, bad or bright 60) Place for a lighthouse 61) Say "I'm thinkin'," e.g. 62) Ardor 63) Exterminator's quarry 64) Lions' prides? 65) Tear with force DOWN 1) Playbill listing 2) Egyptian life symbol 3) Emulate eagles 4) Range rover 5) Earth and beyond 6) Poisonous protein in castor beans 7) Thicke and Rickman 8) South American nation 9) Prefix for "while" 10) Place to buy pies 11) Insect's adult stage 12) Tart flavors 13) The ones here 21) Seeing ___ dog 22) Lyrical poem 25) Computer input 26) Like an uncleaned hearth 27) It might begin "Bet you can't!" 28) Not that 29) Make go "vroom" 31) Legal hearing 32) Frequently, to Shake- speare 33) "Land of a million ele- phants" 34) Fish-eating bird 35) "Beware the ___ of March" 37) Murphy of Hollywood 38) Condensed lifetime account 39) More plump 43) Common breakfast dish 44) Lowers in esteem 45) Damage, as a surface 46) "77 Sunset ___" 47) Question of possession 48) Hard seed coverings 49) Anne or Calvin of fashion 50) Escape detection 52) Per ___ expenses 53) Earthenware jar 54) Run at the light 55) Trimmed of fat 56) Attain, as a job F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy and locally misty at first, becoming fine Visibility Good, locally moderate at first Wind West to Northwest force 3 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER HOT & SUNNY HOT & SUNNY 36 0 / 25 0 35 0 / 26 0 FEELS LIKE 38 0 FEELS LIKE 37 0 KARL AZZOPARDI MALTA experienced a hotter than aver- age summer this year, with the tempera- ture peaking at 39°C. The meteorological summer brought air temperatures that ranged between a night-time minimum of 17.2°C record- ed in June and a daytime maximum of 39.2°C reached halfway through Au- gust. All three summer months recorded maximum air temperatures that were over 7.0°C higher than their respective monthly norms. At 38.0°C, last June's maximum air temperature was 9.2°C higher than the norm but did not break the month's re- cord of 41.5°C reached in 2021. The mean sea surface temperatures for the summer months shows that these were between 2°C and 2.7°C high- er than the respective monthly norms. Malta saw warmer than average sea surface temperatures during the sum- mer months. These were between 2°C and 2.7°C higher than the respective monthly norms. During the summer months a total of 1084.4 sunshine hours were recorded, surpassing the seasonal climate norm by 43.3 hours. Thunder was also recorded on August 11 and 12, with the former day yielding 5.0 mm of precipitation in Ħal Luqa as some other localities in Malta were hit by more intense showers. A total of 7.0 mm of rainfall was meas- ured by the Meteorological Office in August, making the month the wettest of the summer season. July and August – as June was completely dry - pro- duced a total of 7.2 mm of precipita- tion, which did not measure up to the seasonal norm of 15.8 mm. June accounted for summer's strong- est wind gust, which was measured on the tenth day of the month blowing at 40.7 knots from the West by Northwest. These winds brought temporary respite from the high temperatures that had been registered at the beginning of the month. Above average temperatures recorded in summer Temperature during summer months peaked at 39°C

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