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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 21 SEPTEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Moistens 5) Old Testament feature 10) Like a wrung-out dishrag 14) Cast-of-thousands pro- duction 15) Not called for 16) Eye feature 17) "Cheers" quencher 18) "Let's Make a Deal" op- tions 19) Fish parts 20) Quaint accommodations 23) It's quickened by fear 24) Bones in arms 25) Where some people shop 28) Topmost point 30) Equine colour 3 1) Columbus' port 33) Gave a meal to 36) Cheerfully energetic 40) Melancholy 41) Desert islands 42) Steakhouse specification 43) "Things that go ___ in the night" 44) One with equal billing 46) Astrological ram 49) It's full of hot air 51) Product improvement slogan 57) "Unattractive" Jamaican fruit 58) Jungian "self ' 59) A bit off-the-wall 60) "In a minute" 61) Remove a brooch 62) Buffalo is on its shore 63) Winged god of love 64) Hangs tough 65) They may cover a lot of ground DOWN 1) Jack on "Dragnet" 2) Sword with a blunted tip 3) Going into overtime 4) Removing windshield ice, e.g. 5) Evidence of melting 6) People with upturned noses 7) Be extremely fond of 8) Angler's need 9) Costa ___ , California 10) Large over-the-shoulder bag 11) Birdlike 12) Brainy group 13) Attach with glue 21) Mother Teresa, e.g. 22) Harold's film partner 25) Eyes, poetica lly 26) Nove list Ephron 27) Placed down 28) "No ifs, ___ ..." 29) Corn eater's leftover 31) Breathe convulsively 32) Suffix with "ethyl" 33) Daring deed 34) Cornell of university fame 35) Beautician, now and then 37) Casino, to a gambler 38) Scottish head covering 39) Inferior substitutes 43) Originates 44) Bay of Pigs people 45) Small digit 46) Improper use 47) Extreme effort 48) Arctic dwelling 49) Cuts, as hair 50) Fess up to 52) Julia of "Addams Family Values" 53) "The King and I" role 54) Hawaiian crop 55) "National Velvet" novelist Bagnold 56) Some loaves F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Partly to rather cloudy and locally misty at first, becoming fine Visibility Good, locally moderate at first Wind West to Northwest force 3 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER HOT & SUNNY HOT & SUNNY 36 0 / 25 0 35 0 / 26 0 FEELS LIKE 38 0 FEELS LIKE 37 0 KURT SANSONE A mystery shopping exercise has revealed that 58% of calls made to the customer care service of the three main telecoms operators were answered within five minutes. The exercise was carried out by the Malta Communications Author- ity in the first six months of 2022 with 909 mystery phone calls having been made. The information is detailed in the MCA's half-yearly end-user report released on Tuesday. The findings show that 44% of calls were answered within two min- utes. A breakdown of results by telecoms operators shows that Melita and Epic had superior response rates when compared to GO. The customer care response rate within five minutes for Epic and Mel- ita stood at 92% and 95%, respectively, while that for GO stood at 23%. The customer care response rate within two minutes for Epic and Melita stood at 78% and 76%, respectively, while that for GO stood at 11%. The MCA said that it received a total of 71 complaints in the first six months, of which 86% related to electronic communications services and 14% related to postal services. The MCA recorded a decrease of 16% in the total number of com- plaints when compared to the previous six months of 2021. The statistics of complaints received by the MCA reveal that quality of service remained the most common type of complaint with 27 reported to the MCA. And the most prominent complaints on quality of service related to customer care (12) and faults (8). Authority goes mystery shopping to probe telecoms operators' customer care service

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