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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 9 OCTOBER 2022 • ISSUE 1987 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday MARK ANTHONY SAMMUT Light at the end of the tunnel for Maltese farmers with leases reform PAGE 12 FREE with MaltaToday Land reform KURT SANSONE TRUST in Robert Abela and Bernard Grech continues to decline as disgruntled voters punish the two ma- jor political parties and their leaders, a MaltaToday survey shows. Support for the Labour Party has declined by almost three points to 39.4% since July but the results are more painful for the Na- tionalist Party and its leader. The survey released today shows the PN losing six points since July to reach 19.9%, its worst result under Grech's leadership. Seven months into his new mandate, the Prime Minister's trust rating has gone below the 50% mark. The October sur- vey puts Robert Abela's trust rat- ing at 46.9%, which is high but still represents a contraction of 3.5 points since July. B e r n a r d Grech has experienced a similar decline, hitting his lowest ever trust rating at 18.1%. Trust in the Opposition leader declined by 3.3 points since July. The results paint a picture of an increasingly disgruntled electorate with 22.6% saying they will note vote – an in- crease of eight points since July – and 31.1% saying they trust neither Abela nor Grech – an increase of seven points since July. Support for ADPD increased by more than one point to reach 3.2%. €1.95 Tourists producing double the waste produced by Maltese JAMES DEBONO MALTA is expected to the reach the 3 million tourist mark in 2030 as it strug- gles to build more facilities to address mounting waste prob- lems, exacerbated by tour- ists who produce nearly dou- ble the amount of household waste generated by Maltese residents. This emerges from conserv- ative estimates provided by the Malta Tourism Authority to national waste agency Was- teserv, in studies related to the development of a new facility to process organic waste. The projected tourist figures are based on an annual growth of 1.5% between 2025 and 2029. Another recent study by Deloitte shows Malta would have to attract 4.7 million tourists over the next six years to ensure its current stock of existing and planned hotel beds can enjoy full occupancy. Still – based on an average stay of 7 nights, the impact of 3 million tourists anticipated in 2030 will be the equiva- lent of 69,000 people who live in Malta on a permanent ba- sis. And it represents a sharp increase in Malta's seasonal population, from 52,983 in 2019 – right before the pan- demic, after which tourism dwindled to a seasonal 16,100. PAGE 3 TOURISM RELOADED... Disgruntled voters punish big parties and their leaders PAGES 14-15 Out of summer, and back with fresh food and new recipes inside this edition of GOURMET TODAY 'We are being proven right, across the board' Interview MT2 3 million arrivals expected by 2030 will keep piling up onto Malta's waste emergency mt survey Media reform We incorporated proposals from the NGOs and the PN, but it was the government that did not respect its own timeline, or tweaked the laws as it saw fit. It is time for wide public consultation SAVIOUR BALZAN MT2

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