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TRUTH IS OF NO COLOUR WWW.MALTATODAY.COM.MT SUNDAY • 30 OCTOBER 2022 • ISSUE 1990 • PUBLISHED EVERY WEDNESDAY AND SUNDAY maltatoday How politics is short-changed by weak party finance rules PAGES 18-19 Financing NICOLE MEILAK MARTIN Cachia was killed in a Marsaskala car bomb and almost seven years later his wife has been left questioning who carried out the hit. Cachia was killed when his car blew up while he was driving along the Marsaskala bypass in 2016. He was a registered fish- erman and had pending charg- es for drug trafficking, human smuggling, and contraband cig- arettes. Nobody has been charged with his murder and his wife, Elena Cachia, has been unable to get any answers from the police. She speaks with MaltaToday about her husband, his illegal affairs and lifts the lid on how Martin grew anxious in the months be- fore the murder. Elena married her husband in 2013 after dating him for nine years. As they got married, Mar- tin appointed her director to all of his companies to avoid any in- heritance issues down the line. PAGES 2-3 M'skala car bomb widow: 'Who killed my husband?' PAGES 14-15 Clocks change! Excerpts from Passport To Vice Matthew Vella's true crime history of the Maltese 'mafia' in London PAGES 10-12 The Maltese vice kings of Soho Money, bombs... and then some more, in the Maltese empire of vice KURT SANSONE CLYDE Caruana believes the Labour Party should not be ashamed of call- ing itself a socialist party, insisting this represents the soul of the party. Red Clyde: Labour should not be ashamed of calling itself socialist PGS 14-15 €1.95 'Claus' act: schools told to salute Saint Nic not Father Christmas Wife left in the dark after partner, fisherman Martin Cachia, was killed in 2016 car bomb National Literacy Agency says schools should show kids real Father Christmas PAGE 4 Should Rishi Sunak call for an election? MT2 PAGES 12-13 WHAT NEXT for Brexit Britain? It's autumn... turn the clock one hour back

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