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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 2 NOVEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Hairdos 6) Led off 11) Gridlock component 14 ) Alternative to bottled 15) Arctic dwelling 16) Feel regret over 17) Sellers of illegal alcohol 19) Hard to explain 20) Emulate a bunny 21) Snacked 22) "Dear" mister 23) Living in water 27) Grandeur 29) It's certainly not a show dog 30) "Happy" mollusk 32) Kind of food or mate 33) Vicksburg combatant, briey 34) Old rail riders, stereotyp- ically 36) Animal variety 39) It was Persia 41) Black-clad teens, often 43) Folklore monstrosity 44) 100,000 make a newton 46) Back-up sounds 48) Shoo t the breeze 49) "Able to ___ tall buildings ..." 51) Edible tuber of Polynesia 52) Superlative sufx 53) Christmas tree sheddings 56) False fronts 58) Special-interest grp. 59) Crater creator, perhaps 60) Barely defeat 61) Compass reading, some- times 62) In a disgraceful way? 68) A, in Berlin 69) Not just "no!" 70) Auto contract, sometimes 71) Knight or Nugent 72) Garbo of "Ninotchka" 73) "___ of lwo Jima DOWN 1) Picnic discard, sometimes 2) Lady associated with the Beatles 3) "Am ___ believe ...?" 4) Jazzy Earl Hines' nickname 5) Large irregular spot 6) Above average in size 7) Coop ovoid 8) Faint icker 9) Main arteries 10) Rhinoplasty 1I) How Buddha sits 12) Attend a class for no credits 13) Remove more moisture from 18) Concluding speech (var.) 23) Bitter-tasting 24) Ask 25) Bit of modern folklore 26) One spelling for a meal on a skewer 28) 100 cents, somewhere 31) Short choral composition 35) Bundle of grain 37) Delete, as messages 38) Mortgages, e.g. 40) "No ___ to apologise" 42) Pounced 45) Preserving, as pork 47) Tea parties, e.g. 50) Author 53) Group of nine 54) A Muppet 55) Martin of comedies 57) Breathing problem for heavy sleepers 63) Allow 64) The-lower-the-better pitching stat 65) Thing acquired on a beach 66) "Acid" drug 67) "All right!" F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Mainly fine Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 2 to 3 locally force 3 to 4 becoming Northwest force 3 to 4 locally force 4 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER SUNNY MAINLY SUNNY 24 0 / 18 0 24 0 / 18 0 FEELS LIKE 24 0 FEELS LIKE 24 0 KURT SANSONE A new facility that will process recyclable waste at Magħtab is reaching its final stages, making it possible for the Marsaskala recycling plant to close soon. The facility is part of Was- teserv's Ecohive complex at Magħtab and will be able to process up to 40,000 tonnes of recyclable waste. This will lead to the closure of WasteServ's Sant'Antnin facility in Marsaskala, where, 20,000sq.m of land will be transformed into a public open space. The Magħtab facility has cost €4 million and is partly funded by the EU. It will sort the differ- ent types of metal, cardboard, and plastic using specially de- signed machinery. Increased automation will improve processing efficiency from 30% to 70% of these ma- terials since the waste will no longer be separated manually, WasteServ CEO Richard Biloc- ca said. Bilocca accompanied Environ- ment Minister Miriam Dalli and EU funds parliamentary secre- tary Chris Bonett, during a visit of ongoing works. "This is another step forward as part of the government's long-term plan for the years to come, by recycling, converting waste into energy, and treating all the waste produced, in order to drastically reduce the use of landfills," Dalli said. She added that the new facil- ity will enable the creation of a large public open space in Mar- saskala instead of the recycling plant. Bonett said the Magħtab pro- ject will help strengthen the circular economy and continue to give priority to the environ- mental sector. "The investment that is being made is not only in line with national and European policy but also forms part of the initiatives being taken by Was- teServ," he said. The project, which is being partially financed by the EU as part of the Cohesion Fund, will build on the €500 million in- vestment in the Ecohive project that includes the construction of an incinerator and an organic waste processing plant. Maghtab recycling facility works in final stages A new €4 million facility at Magħtab that will sort recyclable waste is nearing completion and enable the complete closure of the Marsaskala Sant'Antnin recycling plant

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