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16 maltatoday | WEDNESDAY • 9 NOVEMBER 2022 NEWS ACROSS 1) Theatre curtain fabric 6) VIP's ride l 0) Speed-of-sound word 14) First lady after Hillary 15) Evidence of decay 16) Big Apple tennis stadi- um 17) Dairy item threatened with violence? 20) Like fresh paint 21) Off one's rocker 22) Jam or jelly 23) Use a kiln 24) Bases of civil lawsuits 25) What you eat 28) Lawgiver of Athens 31) Waffler's word 32) Seemingly hopele ss 33) ___ tai cocktail 36) Vegetables challenged in court? 40) Long March leader 41) Self-assembly retail chain 42) Like Stephen King nov- els 43) Made a pick 45) Missouri River tributary 46) In la-la land 49) React to a haymaker 50) Be a snitch 52) Pervasive glow 53) Air pump letters 56) Seafood on a pedestal? 59) Tiny bit 60) "Just the facts, ___!" 61) Atelier stand 62) Some bunts, for short 63) Team with a mule mas- cot 64) Big name in fine china DOWN 1) Side with a burger 2) Item on a docket 3) Tin Woodman's woe 4) Tax-deferred plan, briefly 5) Dormant volcano of Hawaii 6) Lenya of "Cabaret" 7) Bad day for Caesar 8) Chic, in the '60s 9) Planets, to poets 10) Women's prison head 11) Daisy look-alike 12) Palm an ace, say 13) Does a cowboy's job 18) Skywalker of sci-fi 19) Not exceeding 23) Blue ox of folklore 25) Mosque leader 26) California wine valley 27) Errata item 28) Sympathized (with) 29) Black and white predator 30) Place to graze 32) Fake out on the ice 33) Sahl of satire 34) Working away 35) Analyst's comment 37) Reading course, for short 38) Lets loose 39) Honest-to-goodness 43) Largish combos 44) Mayberry's Gomer 45) Home to Machu Picchu 46) Crockpot creations 47) Turkish bigwig of old 48) Often-cobwebbed room 49) Melding game 51) Jane Austen classic 52) Singer Levine of Maroon 5 53) South-of-the-border coin 54) lditarod vehicle 55) Archipelago unit 57) Place for a piercing 58) Maple exudation F Solution to last week's crossword The answers to today's crossword will be published in next week's Midweek edition Weather Mainly fine Visibility Good Wind North Northwest force 2 to 3 locally force 3 to 4 becoming Northwest force 3 to 4 locally force 4 TODAY TOMORROW Crossword WEATHER SUNNY MAINLY SUNNY 24 0 / 18 0 24 0 / 18 0 FEELS LIKE 24 0 FEELS LIKE 24 0 MATTHEW AGIUS A Filipino couple have been charged with scamming a group of BOV customers out of thousands by creating a mobile app, impersonating the bank. 42-year-old Arvin Guerrero Silos and his wife Jemelyn Aliga Silos, 40, both residing at Pieta, were arraigned before magistrate Joe Mifsud on charges of fraud and money laundering. Asked what they did for a living, Arvin told the court that he was a deckhand and Jemelyn said she was a carer, al- though she was registered as a house- keeper. The court was told that the couple had allegedly scammed five individuals out of a total of €9,000 with their fake mo- bile banking app. Defence lawyer Joe Giglio told the court that Arvin Guerrero Silos was ad- mitting the fraud charges, but not those relating to money laundering, while Jemelyn Aliga Silos was denying all of the charges. Giglio said that although some apps were registered in her name, she had not been aware of what was go- ing on. The court upheld the prosecution's re- quest for a freezing order over the cou- ple's assets. Giglio requested bail for the accused, arguing that they had strong ties to Malta, had two children here and had been living here for the past 14 years. The prosecution did not object to the defence's request for bail, despite voic- ing concerns about the fact that the man worked on a boat. The defence replied that the boat in question was 33 metres long and could not easily be used to escape. Giglio added that the owner of the boat was prepared to prevent the accused from disembarking the vessel, which is currently berthed at Manoel Island. The accused were released on bail against a €2,000 deposit and a personal guarantee of €20,000 each. They were ordered to sign a bail book every day, observe a curfew and not to leave Malta without the court's prior permission. Police inspector Clive Brimmer from the FCID and Police Inspector Mar- cus Cachia from the Cybercrime Unit prosecuted, assisted by lawyers Andre- as Vella and Nathaniel Falzon from the Office of the Attorney General. Couple charged over fake banking app that scammed customers out of €9,000 The couple scammed a group of BOV customers out of thousands by creating a mobile app, impersonating the bank

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